Chargebacks911® Shortlisted for The Fraud Awards 2016

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Intelligent Source Detection & Affiliate Fraud Shield Are Finalists for Prestigious Industry Awards

Chargebacks911® is proud to announce the selection of two of our products—Intelligent Source Detection™ and Affiliate Fraud Shield—as finalists for The Fraud Awards 2016, presented by Retail Risk.

The 2016 Retail Fraud Awards

The annual Retail Fraud Awards are presented each fall on the night of the Retail Risk—Leicester conference. The awards honor the top people, strategies and technologies in retail loss prevention and risk management.

This year, judges selected two of Chargebacks911’s™ unique risk management solutions for the award shortlist. The judges named our Intelligent Source Detection technology as a finalist in the Most Innovative Online Product category, while our Affiliate Fraud Shield are in the running for the Best Newcomer award.


We are honored to be considered for these awards. Retail Risk is one of premier names in the field of risk management, described as “the world’s top conference series for loss prevention professionals.”

Award-Winning eCommerce Risk Management

These latest honors are added to the long and distinguished list of awards Chargebacks911® has received in the last year.

Not only do our near-perfect client retention rates and unprecedented results bear evidence of our effectiveness, industry experts are also endorsing Chargebacks911® products and innovation.

Formula for Success

What is it that makes Chargebacks911® so successful? It’s our commitment to innovation, as well as our understanding of fraud prevention and the chargeback life cycle, that drive home the true value of our products.

Affiliate Fraud Shield

Merchants reported affiliate fraud as their third-greatest perceived fraud threat in 2015. Unfortunately, there was no way to effectively address that threat—until Chargebacks911® introduced Affiliate Fraud Shield.

For the first time ever, merchants can positively identify and manage affiliate fraud.

Detect Fraud

We run diagnostics on each affiliate order and red-flag potential fraud. This gives merchants a chance to verify the order and decline any transaction that could cancel early or lead to a chargeback.

Ensure Longevity

Rejecting orders resulting from affiliate fraud prevents the subsequent chargebacks. This keeps chargeback issuance rates low, maintains merchant account health, and ensures sustainable growth.

Reduce Costs

By distinguishing legitimate transactions from affiliate fraud, merchants avoid paying unearned commissions, save the cost of shipping and retain merchandise.

Optimize Profitability

Fraud filters detect criminal credit card fraud, not affiliate fraud. Manipulating filters in an effort to detect affiliate fraud will just increase false positives. Our product detects fraud without needless revenue loss.

Intelligent Source Detection

All chargebacks result from one of three things: merchant error, criminal fraud or friendly fraud. For merchants to reduce chargeback instances and engage in effective chargeback representment, they will need to identify the true source of each chargeback.


Intelligent Source Detection™ is the only product on the market that enables merchants to identify chargeback sources. No longer are merchants dependent on insufficient data or ineffective solutions that address chargeback symptoms, rather than causes.

Chargebacks911®—The First Name in Chargeback Prevention

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