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  • Prevent the chargebacks you can.
  • Fight the chargebacks you can’t.

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Identify the TRUE SOURCE
of Chargebacks

See beyond reason codes so you can reduce fraud, recover revenue and retain customers.
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If we can’t increase your bottom line, we won’t ask for your business.

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If we can’t increase your bottom line then we won’t ask you for your business!

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The original swish Chargeback Solution

They can copy our promises, but they can’t duplicate our results.

Don’t be fooled by ineffective knockoffs. Chargeback911 is the original chargeback management company. Our philosophy is the only one in the industry that actually improves the merchant’s reputation and enhances customer retention–all backed up with a long-term ROI guarantee.


Developed By Merchants

Chargebacks911™ was founded by merchants, for merchants. We have a clear understanding of what it takes to make a business successful and the unique challenges you face on a daily basis.


Guaranteed ROI

Chargebacks911™ is the only solution provider to offer our clients a guaranteed return on their investment.  Simply put, if we can’t increase your bottom line, then we won’t ask for your business.

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Dynamic Loss Prevention

Technology is constantly evolving. That’s why we’ve replaced the outdated, static techniques and implemented dynamic adaptive solutions that keep pace with the changing ecommerce landscape.

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Expert Human Involvement

One-size-fits-all chargeback disputes are often unsuccessful. Our highly trained chargeback experts customize each dispute, taking it through an 8-step process before transmitting it to the bank.

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Non-Technical Integration

With Chargebacks911™, there’s no need to change your merchant account, payment gateway or CRM. Usually, merchants are ready to start fighting chargebacks in less than 24 hours.


Customized Service Levels

Choose the service option that’s best for your business. Get on-demand assistance when you need it, use our software for in-house management, or outsource all your chargeback needs.

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Chargebacks911™ was founded by merchants, for merchants. We have a clear understanding of what it takes to make a business successful and the unique challenges you face on a daily basis. We specialize in helping online businesses manage chargebacks by preventing loss, minimizing risk, and recovering revenue. Our innovative services are unrivaled because they were developed as a result of first-hand experience. We know what merchants need and deliver the results that they desire.

  • Sustainable growth for ecommerce businesses with guaranteed, long-term ROI
  • Innovative, dynamic solutions to address each of the three chargeback sources
  • Reduction of chargebacks and improved reputation in first 90 days of service
  • World-class, professional services available when you need them most
  • Tactical strategies enhance client retention and optimize profitability

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Getting Hit With Chargebacks?

Regain the competitive edge and increase your revenue.

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A Valued and Respected Source in the Media

The media has come to rely on Chargebacks911™ as the go-to source of reliable industry information. We’ve been sought out by some of the biggest names in news media and asked to join the hottest credit card industry discussions.

In the Media

Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch

“And while chargebacks were designed to be a means for consumers to fight back against fraudulent transactions, they also produced another result. “It created a new problem. It presented these banks and consumers with the option to get an alternative refund method,” says Monica Eaton-Cardone, chief operating officer.”

Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch

The New York Times

“Not fighting back is sending the wrong message to consumers and card companies,” Monica Eaton-Cardone said. “Letting the dispute go tells them that this is a sure way to get a no-questions-asked refund.”

The New York Times

CBS News

“Friendly fraud follows surges of increased spending,” Eaton said. “Online shopping is growing, and so is friendly fraud.”

CBS News

ABC7 Chicago

“Monica Eaton-Cardone runs Chargebacks 911, a company that works with some of the largest retailers in the country to challenge illegitimate chargebacks.”

ABC7 Chicago

Fox Business

“Chargebacks911™, which helps merchants fight charge-backs, also advises against shipping to a freight company. Scammers commonly use freight company addresses, the site points out.”

Fox Business


“Chargebacks911™, a company founded to fight for merchants hit by friendly fraud, has a comprehensive guide to protecting yourself.”




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