Guides and Whitepapers

Guides and Whitepapers

Chargebacks911® is the industry’s leading risk mitigation and chargeback management service provider. Our chargeback experts are respected thought leaders and well-known industry innovators who are committed to helping our clients and partners succeed. Our proprietary insight and unrivaled expertise made available through comprehensive guides and whitepapers are now available for download.


The eCommerce Holiday Handbook: A Merchant's Guide
This season, make sure your payments process is optimized for sales. This detailed guide offers tips for before, during, and after the holidays.
35 Simple Steps to Prevent More Chargebacks
In this exclusive guide, we outline the 35 most effective tools and strategies to reduce the overall numbe of chargebacks you recieve.
Chargeback Rebuttal Letter Template and Checklist
Learn how to create a winning debit or credit card chargeback rebuttal letter. Download our rebuttal letter template and writing checklist today.


Mastercard Changes: Navigating the Chargeback Rule Changes in 2019 and Beyond
Like Visa with 2018’s VCR, Mastercard is implementing sweeping changes to its chargeback and dispute systems. Download our guide to learn what changes are coming, and how to prepare.
Beyond VCR: Surveying the Impact of Visa Claims Resolution
We asked a wide range of merchants about the effects they are seeing from Visa's VCR initiative. Download your copy of our report to see what our research uncovered.
PSD2: What It Is, Why It Matters, and What Merchants Need to Know
EU’s revised Payment Services Directive will have repercussions for merchants globally. Download our free report to learn about key elements of this directive.

Understanding the Hidden Sources of Chargebacks
Our revolutionary approach to chargeback will help you detail how to defend your rights and avoid the prospect of a closed merchant account.
The State of Chargebacks
This comprehensive analysis details experiences and insights related to fraud and chargeback management in the CNP space.