Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Chargebacks911®?

Chargebacks911® is a dynamic risk management and chargeback remediation firm that grew out of necessity: recognizing there was no single comprehensive solution for effectively managing all chargeback issues … we created one.

Chargebacks911® was developed by merchants, for merchants. We don’t just claim to be experts in chargeback reduction or responding to disputes: we’ve taken our experience as merchants and our expertise as industry leaders to create proprietary technologies and services that simply did not exist before … and have not been surpassed by any other source. By helping card-not-present merchants address both sides of the chargeback issue—prevention and representment—we’re dynamically helping them minimize risk and maximize revenue.

To see what ROI your company could expect, ask for our free custom report.

What does Chargebacks911® do?

In its simplest form, Chargebacks911® helps merchants grow their businesses by helping them reduce their overall number of chargebacks … which in turn leads to reduced chargeback costs and fees, and increased revenues.

Preventing chargebacks and recovering merchant revenue is our sole focus. We’re uniquely qualified in that our platform is based on both the viewpoint and practices of the merchant and the viewpoint and practices of the card issuers and acquirers. There’s nothing else like it available—we even guarantee your ROI!

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What solutions does Chargebacks911® offer?

Chargebacks911 offers the payments industry’s only comprehensive, proactive chargeback solution. Through an unparalleled combination of proprietary technology and expert human forensics, we track down the root cause of merchants’ chargebacks and prescribe customized solutions. Our exclusive system provides dual-layer chargeback management with solutions both before and after the chargeback issuance—including:

Is Chargebacks911® new to the industry?

Established in 2011, Chargebacks911® is no newcomer to the payments industry: our leadership consists of payment pioneers with over 145 years of combined expertise in the field. Our team developed the original comprehensive chargeback compliance solution that covers risk mitigation, remediation technology, and dispute management.

For more of the story, listen to this podcast interview with one of the company’s founders.

Which areas of chargeback management does Chargebacks911® handle?

At Chargebacks911®, we specialize in turnkey merchant solutions. Taking on responsibility for merchants’ total chargeback management allows us to fully address both sides of the chargeback issue: prevention and representment.

We also supply merchants with advisory tools like our Merchant Compliance Review, a thorough 106-point analysis designed to pinpoint any practices or oversights which might lead to chargebacks.

Whether you’re looking for on-demand assistance for certain aspects of your chargeback management efforts or need us to provide end-to-end support, we’re here to help. Simply sign up and leave the rest to us.

Who can benefit from using Chargebacks911®?

At Chargebacks911®, our specialty is helping card-not-present (CNP) merchants … and since most CNP merchants operate ecommerce stores, that’s our focus. Our exclusive technologies and services, however, can also benefit merchants who sell through other direct response media outlets such as radio, TV, telephone, and mail. To see how we could help your business, ask about a free custom report.

Why can’t I just handle my chargebacks in-house?

Proactively handling chargebacks is a complex, time-consuming process. Most merchants don’t have the resources to devote to full-time chargeback prevention and remediation, and respond randomly when they respond at all.

This method of chargeback management is frustrating and can actually harm your business. In the long run, merchants are much better off putting chargeback management in the hands of experts, for several reasons:

  • It’s a full-time job. Writing individual responses, learning the lingo, staying current on trends and regulations… effective chargeback management requires a lot of time and energy.
  • It’s a moving target. Each bank and card network has its own set of constantly evolving requirements. That means a different set of rules and terminology for each dispute.
  • It's hard to win. Very hard. Without industry connections and a thorough understanding of what does and doesn’t work, your odds of winning a case are minimal at best.
  • It never goes away. Most merchants never address the underlying issues of chargebacks, so the chargebacks just keep coming, demanding you work even harder to fight them.

Our goal is to relieve merchants of the chargeback burden in its entirety. To learn more, check out this article on the benefits of professional involvement versus an in-house strategy..

Does Chargebacks911® work globally?

Yes; with locations throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, Chargebacks911® provides services that are global in scope while remaining regional in application. Our technology is completely DCC-compatible and works across a card’s entire coverage area. Chargebacks911® currently manages transactions in 87 different currencies and delivers on-demand expertise to thousands of merchants around the world

Does Chargebacks911® service my industry?

Chargebacks911® offers scalable turnkey solutions that can be customized for any business of any size in any industry, including: eCommerce, Travel. Retail, Digital, Institutions and more.

With the flexibility to accommodate a variety of payment options, sales methods, and dynamic transaction types, Chargebacks911® delivers what you need, when you need it. Schedule a demo to learn more.

Will the Chargebacks911® platform integrate with my CRM?

We currently work with about 40 different platforms, so chances are we’re already integrated with your CRM. If by some chance you have a CRM we’re not currently set up for, however, your implementation will not be delayed. We’ll establish a temporary work-around while we engineer a full integration to increase efficiency—all at no additional cost to you. To see how it could work for your business, schedule a free demo.

How flexible is the program? Can I use my existing gateway processor?

A Chargebacks911®, we pride ourselves on our ability to customize our solution to work with any situation. All Chargebacks911® technology was engineered to be both system- and device-agnostic, allowing it to be compatible with current solutions while remaining adaptable to future needs. Want more details? Sign up now for free!

Does Chargebacks911® offer detailed reporting?

Chargebacks911®’s pertinent reporting capabilities and real-time analysis tools are unparalleled in the industry.

  • Win-loss verdict reporting
  • Custom KPIs keyed to your industry
  • Recon reports on reserve funds
  • Merchant account analysis
  • Daily threshold reports
  • ...and more

With real-time feedback, you’re ensured the most accurate results with the greatest degree of transparency. And Chargebacks991’s exclusive MAC Reports delivers an unprecedented level of insight into your merchant processing fees.

Are chargebacks really that big of a deal?

Invalid chargebacks represent an ongoing—and unnecessary—drain on your revenue, and it’s only going to get worse: experts predict that by the year 2020, card-not-present merchants will be losing over $7 billion annually to “friendly fraud.” According to the 2016 True Cost of Fraud study, each dollar of fraud actually costs the merchant $2.40. That means, a $100 chargeback results in $240 in losses when fees are added in.

Chargeback monitoring programs can help track this, but that’s a very expensive strategy that yields minimal results. It’s much more cost-effective to prevent chargebacks before they become a major problem. And chargebacks—and their accompanying fees—are preventable. Contact Chargebacks911® today to learn more about our comprehensive chargeback remediation services.

How much does it cost to use Chargebacks911®?

The most expensive solution is the one that doesn't work: regardless of the price tag, you can’t afford to pay for a solution that doesn’t solve the problem. Chargebacks911® solutions are scalable and customized to your specific company. Currently, Chargebacks911® technologies are powering over $1,024,767,557 in revenue recovery. Our cost-effective pricing scale ensures the highest ROI—guaranteed.

Can you guarantee my ROI?

All Chargebacks911 services are totally risk-free and backed by a 100% guaranteed ROI: you get the best results … or you get your money back. Chargebacks911® is the only service provider on the market today to guarantee both performance and ROI. Best of all, you’ll start seeing direct results from your Chargebacks911® solution almost immediately. Contact us today for your free ROI analysis.

Does Chargebacks911® manage chargebacks or prevent them?

Chargebacks911® addresses chargeback management from both perspectives—helping to prevent chargebacks and disputing illegitimate chargebacks that never should have been approved in the first place. Our unique solution includes a full spectrum of tools, including:

This dual-layer management concept replaces reactive efforts with a proactive strategy, leading to unparalleled win rates and significant ROI—guaranteed.

What is “friendly fraud”?

So-called “friendly fraud” is when consumers illegitimately dispute a transaction with the bank instead of contacting the merchant for a refund. This is sometimes called chargeback fraud, as consumers are fraudulently using the chargeback process to secure a refund. While some consumers do this innocently (thinking there is no difference), the majority of friendly fraud is committed intentionally.

Friendly fraud is both rampant—according to the latest data, 86 percent of chargebacks are fraudulent—and a substantial drain on a merchant’s revenue: in addition to immediately and automatically reversing the charges, banks also hit merchants with a non-refundable fee (and potentially a “high risk” label, making the fees even higher). Finally, there is the cost of the merchandise itself: chargebacks don’t require the consumer to return the item in dispute—effectively allowing the consumer to steal from the merchant.

For more details and insider secrets that will reduce your risk of chargebacks, download our free guide.

Do fraud filters prevent friendly fraud?

No … but they’re not supposed to: fraud filters are designed to identify common signs of criminal fraud. Friendly fraud is able to slip by static filters because it imitates valid transactions. To combat this, Chargebacks911® offers exclusive multi-layered coverage that helps merchants:

Chargebacks911® services are backed by the industry’s only 100% guaranteed ROI, and are available either on-demand or as a comprehensive, turnkey solution. Schedule a demo to learn more.

Does it matter where chargebacks come from?

Absolutely. All invalid chargebacks fall into one of three categories:

  • Merchant Error
  • Criminal Fraud
  • Chargeback (“Friendly”) Fraud

Through research and experience, Chargebacks911® has found the most effective management strategy is to identify and address chargebacks at their source—otherwise, merchants are reacting to the symptoms and not the real problem. To that end, we’ve created Intelligent Source Detection™, a combination of patent-pending technologies and expert personal analysis capable of determining the truth behind every chargeback. Intelligent Source Detection™ is the most powerful solution available to identify the real source of fraud.

Can chargebacks can be prevented?

Yes. The traditional approaches to chargeback prevention, however, have been largely ineffective. Only a multi-layered strategy that addresses both prevention and representment will hold long-term viability.

Each different chargeback source—merchant error, criminal fraud, or friendly fraud—calls for a unique prevention strategy. The key is to use the right tools and expertise at the right time to address the right problem. Chargebacks911® employs our exclusive Intelligent Source Detection™ technology to identify the true source of each chargeback, then implements the necessary solution from our range of innovative products.

Can merchant errors lead to chargebacks?

No one wants to think their system has holes, but when it comes to chargebacks, seemingly insignificant errors and procedural oversights can lead to substantial profit loss. Once a return policy is in place, it’s easy for merchants to overlook details that are almost guaranteed to cause chargebacks.

The good news is, identifying and correcting these types of errors is a fairly painless process. Chargebacks911® offers an exclusive 106-point Merchant Compliance Review to help merchants establish best practices, improve quality control, analyze policies, and address procedural oversights.

Do I need tighter controls in place to prevent criminal fraud?

Most merchants have at least some fraud controls in place. The majority could use additional resources, but it isn’t always that simple: traditional controls are implemented at the check-out stage, which often involves a longer and more arduous process for the consumer … and that can cause more problems than it corrects.

There’s also the problem of false positives: one study showed how merchants assumed—incorrectly—that most of their chargebacks were the result of criminal fraud. To correct the situation, fraud filter rules were tightened … but ultimately, this tactic backfired: merchants collectively lost $118 billion to false positives, while actual criminal fraud during the same period was merely $9 billion.

Merchants need to strike a balance between fraud control and customer satisfaction. Chargebacks911® offers a comprehensive solution that is able to counteract criminal fraud without bogging down the check-out process.

How does Chargebacks911® dispute chargebacks?

When merchants receive a suspicious chargeback, they can challenge that chargeback using a process known as representment. Complex and time-sensitive, the representment process involves drafting a rebuttal, assembling compelling evidence, studying relevant industry regulations and arguing your case before the issuer.

Chargebacks911® offers a unique Tactical Chargeback Representment service with end-to-end accountability and an exclusive eight-point representment process to maximize merchants’ win rate.

What causes a merchant to lose a chargeback?

The number one reason a merchant loses a chargeback dispute? Responding too late, followed by not responding according to the bank’s or card service’s specific requirements. The entire chargeback dispute process is complicated, time-consuming, and constantly evolving; most merchants simply don’t have the resources to stay on top of it. Turning over the responsibility of fighting chargebacks to experts like Chargebacks911® ensures less hassle and a significantly higher success rate for the merchant. See how much ROI you could expect here.

Will Chargebacks911® disputes drive away my good customers?

No. The Chargebacks911® platform was developed by merchants, for merchants. Our extensive background in customer service—combined with our exclusive Intelligent Source Detection™ technology—virtually guarantees that legitimate customers aren’t held responsible in situations where they are victims of criminal fraud. If anything, your customers will be more protected than before.

Why does Chargebacks911® have a higher win rate than everyone else?

The Chargebacks911® solution is more effective than anything else in the industry because we address the actual source of chargebacks. Our proprietary technology—including our patent-pending Intelligent Source Detection™—combined with our proactive, multi-layered approach has proven that a long-term, turnkey solution to preventing chargebacks is not only viable … it’s available.

Chargebacks911® also boasts more industry integrations, prestigious partnerships, and world-renowned experts than any other service provider. Our solution is unique in the industry, and delivers unparalleled win rates with guaranteed ROI. To see how it could work for your business, schedule a free demo.

Do you offer advising services?

Yes. We generate dynamic, yet easily-interpreted data to analyze each merchant’s unique needs, then develop an implementation plan based on immediate results and long-term sustainability. Our Subject Matter Experts can also supply one-on-one consulting services based on detailed month-to-date reports. Finally, we offer our exclusive Merchant Compliance Review, a thorough 106-point inspection of merchant policies and procedures designed to pinpoint any practices which might lead to chargebacks—no matter how minute.