Chargebacks911 FAQ

Want to learn more about Chargebacks911? Take a look at these frequently asked questions.

What is the mission statement of Chargebacks911?

Our mission is to aid merchants, through the use of our own proprietary technology, in their efforts to mitigate risk, manage chargebacks, retain revenue, promote sustainable growth, and ensure longevity. We want to give merchants the freedom to do what they do best: obtain new customers and fully monetize the ones they have. We provide turnkey services that enable merchants to use their valuable resources to enhance core competencies and optimize in-house skill sets.

Who are your clients?

We specialize in helping card-not-present merchants. Most card-not-present merchants operate ecommerce stores online, but we also help merchants who use other direct response media outlets to obtain sales (radio, TV, telephone, and mail).

What does Chargebacks911 offer?

We provide turnkey chargeback services—you sign up and we’ll take it from there!

Whether you’re looking for on-demand assistance for certain aspects of your chargeback management efforts, or need us to provide end-to-end support, we’re here to help.

In a nutshell, we do two things:

  • We prevent chargebacks.
  • We dispute chargebacks.

First, we prevent chargebacks by addressing the most common causes (merchant error, criminal fraud, and friendly fraud). Second, we help merchants recover profits lost to illegitimate, fraudulently-filed chargebacks.

Want to learn more? Be sure to visit our Services page.

What is eConsumer Services®?

eConsumer Services® is a subsidiary of our parent company, Global Risk Technologies™. It is a neutral, third-party solution that provides an immediate refund to cardholders who might otherwise file a chargeback. eConsumer Services® is one of the chargeback prevention solutions offered to Chargebacks911 customers.

We aim to assist both merchants and consumers, saving time and money for everyone involved. eConsumer Services® acts as a liaison so the merchant and consumer don’t need to interact directly.

Visit the eConsumer Services® website to learn more.

How do you respond to chargebacks?”

Our chargeback representment process can be summed up in three steps.

  • Step #1: We receive the chargeback on your behalf and log it into our system. If the transaction was part of a recurring payment plan, we stop any future activity for that customer.
  • Step #2: We classify the chargeback with a coding system based on the transaction status, details related to the dispute, and the reason given by the issuing bank. Analyzing and understanding this information helps us prevent even more chargebacks in the future.
  • Step #3: A real person compiles an intelligent response. We use an 8-point system to prepare a strong defense. Because of our customized approach conducted by human experts, not automated systems, we have a higher win-back rate than any other provider in the industry.

Chargebacks911 uses our own propriety Intelligent Source Detection™ technology to properly identify the true cause of chargebacks, distinguishing criminal fraud from friendly fraud. This allows us to strategically and aggressively dispute illegitimate chargebacks.

We know which cases are likely to be found in the merchant’s favor and are able to offer a guaranteed ROI for all chargeback disputes.

What are the drawbacks of DIY, in-house chargeback management?

Chargebacks are the Achilles’ heel for many merchants—a deadly weakness, regardless of the overall strength of the business. If left unchecked, chargebacks can cause irreparable damage.

Most merchants are not prepared to proactively handle chargebacks. They don’t have an adequate coping mechanism and only respond when they are able. This method of chargeback management means the merchant never really gets ahead of the curve. It’s easy to grow frustrated with the loss of resources associated with handling this very time-consuming and expensive issue.

While it might seem cost-effective to initiate in-house chargeback management, merchants should really let the pros handle it.

  • You won’t understand the technical jargon. There isn’t a universal language for chargeback management. Each issuer, acquirer and card network has its own way of doing things. That means you’ll have to learn new terminology for each transaction dispute you encounter.
  • You can’t acquire the necessary expertise. Ecommerce, technology, and the credit card industry are constantly evolving. You need someone who can devote all their attention to staying current on the latest trends and techniques.
  • You don’t have time. To be effective, each chargeback dispute needs a customized case. Automation won’t produce results, and crafting the perfect chargeback response takes time—time you don’t have!
  • Your focus will be misplaced. If you are constantly disputing chargebacks, the majority of your time will be focused on rectifying problems of the past. The most successful companies spend more time looking towards the future rather than scrutinizing the past.
  • You won’t win. Without industry connections and a thorough understanding of what does and doesn’t work, your win rate won’t recoup many profits.
  • You can’t solve a problem you haven’t recognized. Most merchants don’t really understand what is causing the chargebacks. If you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll never address the underlying issues.

Our goal is to relieve merchants of the chargeback burden in its entirety. This is all we do! You focus on growing your business; we’ll fight the chargebacks.

Still not convinced? Read our blog article outlining the responsibilities of a chargeback analyst and the benefits of an in-house strategy versus professional involvement.

What causes a merchant to lose a chargeback?

The co-founders of Chargebacks911 have years of experience as card-not-present merchants. We have real-world experience as business owners who suffered from chargebacks. As such, we have a unique understanding of merchants’ struggles.

The number one reason for losing a chargeback dispute is not responding on time. We have a money-back guarantee; we’ll respond to all chargebacks before the time limit expires or you don’t pay for the dispute.

The second reason most merchants lose is not providing an intelligent response that is actually catered to the case. Responding to a chargeback can be a very time-consuming process. Neglecting key details will only result in a waste of effort.

Thirdly, merchants fail to execute the necessary follow-through. They don’t ensure the chargeback representment department received the response in full. Often times, chargeback disputes must be faxed; it is extremely important to verify not only the receipt, but that the documentation is legible to the third-party.

Last but not least: no response = no reimbursement!

If you’d like to learn more about what makes a chargeback dispute successful, check out our blog article on the subject.


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