Chargebacks911 Intelligent Source Detection

Intelligent Source Detection

The Reason Beyond the Reason Code


Patented Processes for Diagnosing Chargeback Sources

Over-reliance on reason codes derails chargeback prevention strategies. Effective long-term chargeback prevention requires knowing what really triggered the cardholders’ actions. Only Chargebacks911®’s proprietary Intelligent Source Detection has the power to identify the true source of chargebacks.

  • Identifies the true reason for chargebacks
  • More accurate than reason codes or bank descriptions
  • Drives the highest win rates in the industry
  • Proactive — leads to more effective disputes
  • Reveals additional revenue opportunities
  • Minimizes merchant’s processing costs & other impacts of fraud
  • Lowers overall number of chargebacks
  • Results in fewer issuer declines and false positives

Reason codes only reveal why a cardholder claims to file a dispute – not the true source. Identifying sources requires detailed analysis, dynamic strategies, and innovative technologies. Chargebacks911 created Intelligent Source Detection, a proprietary blend of patent-pending technologies and processes, to help merchants find the truth behind every chargeback.

Discover the True Source of Your Chargebacks

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