Chargebacks911 Affiliate Fraud Shield

Data-based Prevention

Share transaction data in real time


Stop More Chargebacks With Network Inquiries

Network inquiry solutions are data-based prevention tools for proactively preventing certain chargebacks. As with alerts, these programs notify merchants of pending disputes prior to the chargeback stage. Providing real-time data could resolve qualifying disputes, in some cases automatically.

  • Faster/more efficient dispute resolution 
  • Real-time data sharing for faster resolutions 
  • Lower chargeback volume and costs
  • Improved consumer experience
  • Solutions from Verifi (Visa) & Ethoca (MC)
  • Leverages Compelling Evidence 3.0
  • Supports RDR & Collaboration tools

Verifi Order Insight and Ethoca Consumer Clarity both prevent chargebacks by sharing transaction data at the time of the dispute. Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR) and Collaboration provide even more prevention. All these powerful options can be made available through the merchant portal of the Chargebacks911 solution.

The right data can stop chargebacks before they happen

Ask how Visa Compelling Evidence 3.0 can keep fraudulent chargebacks from ever being filed.