Chargebacks911 Chargeback Alerts

Refund-based Prevention

Block chargebacks with a simple refund


Eliminate Chargeback Triggers Right from the Start

Chargeback alerts enable you to proactively resolve up to half of your disputes before they become chargebacks. Providing a refund at the dispute stage means merchants avoid the chargeback altogether. Chargebacks911® leverages both Verifi's Chargeback Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN) and Ethoca Alerts, offering optimum coverage accessed through a single dashboard.

  • Real-time loss prevention
  • Fewer wasted fulfillment resources
  • Less revenue lost to chargebacks
  • Lower chargeback ratio
  • Two networks, single access point
  • Better customer experience
  • Fewer false positives
Chargeback Alerts

Access either or both of the leading alerts networks directly and easily through Chargebacks911’s technical platform. Merchants receive alerts of pending disputes 24-72 hours before they turn into chargebacks. That provides an opportunity to resolve the dispute, simply by refunding the contested transaction before the chargeback is officially filed.

Refunds aren’t great, but chargebacks are worse.

Let us show you how alerts can keep simple disputes from becoming costly chargebacks.