Chargebacks911 Affiliate Fraud Shield

Affiliate Fraud Shield™

Detect Fraud and Increase the Profitability of Affiliate Marketing


Identify Campaign Threats Without Reducing Conversions

Fraud from illegitimate affiliate marketing ploys means you’re paying commissions on bogus sales. It can also dramatically raise the likelihood of chargebacks—and that threatens both your revenue and your processing rights. Chargebacks911®’s Affiliate Fraud Shield are specifically designed to detect and prevent the most common forms of affiliate fraud.

  • Detects, identifies, and prevents affiliate fraud
  • Guaranteed protection and ROI
  • Post-transaction analysis eliminates checkout friction
  • Maximum accuracy through advanced human forensics
  • Detailed, user-friendly reporting and risk analysis
  • Immediate feedback and actionable reporting
  • Safeguards card-processing rights
  • Bolsters relationships with affiliates AND network

Affiliate marketing campaigns only succeed if you can identify campaign threats before they become liabilities. At Chargebacks911, we use proprietary technologies and personalized analysis to evaluate affiliate marketing techniques, identify intentional fraud, and alert you to potential fraud-committing affiliates.

Don’t use Affiliate Marketing without Affiliate Fraud Shield

Regardless the size of your affiliate marketing campaign, we’ll help optimize your advertising, reduce risk, and turn potential liabilities into profit opportunities.