Top Talent Joining Chargebacks911’s European Expansion

Chargebacks European Expansion

Chargebacks911 Welcomes Executive Leaders Kristjan Gjura and Carolyn Sweeney

Chargebacks911® is known for delivering the market’s best strategies for revenue retention, ensuring profitability, and improving merchant-issuer relations. We are expanding fast throughout the global market and attracting top talent in the process.

This gives us the great pleasure of welcoming experienced industry leaders from Mastercard and Ethoca.

Introducing Chargebacks911’s Newest Business Leaders

Sweeney, former VP of Global Chargeback Operations for Mastercard, brings a wealth of experience to her new role as Director of Global Business Development. Similarly, Gjura (previously Sales Director at Ethoca) will be a tremendous asset to our organization as the new VP of Business Development.

Both are widely-respected industry thought leaders, offering several decades of combined expertise in payments and risk mitigation. Sweeney’s unique expertise lies in end-to-end chargeback management, dispute resolution, and associated consumer legislation. Gjura’s role will focus more on identifying and assisting merchants with emerging risk factors and building new industry relationships and integrations.

The Leading Name in Chargeback Mitigation

Chargebacks911 is known in Europe simply as The Chargeback Company™—and for good reason.

Our brand is a global staple, defining the cutting-edge of long-term chargeback prevention and business sustainability techniques. We are committed to advancing our innovative strategy around the world, and with chargeback issuances rising at a rate of 20% each year, our approach is more vital now than ever.

As CEO Gary Cardone explains,

While many businesses in payments have been designed around exploiting inefficiencies, our objective is to make payments more efficient.”

Gary Cardone, CEO Chargebacks911

Chargebacks911’s strategies are designed to cut down on transaction friction and loss without opening merchants to new vulnerabilities. Unlike other products that exploit inefficiencies and loopholes, our technology aims to address those shortcomings for more long-term, sustainable success. This innovative approach is what enables Chargebacks911 to continue advancing and claiming new recognition, industry partners, and dedicated clients.

It’s no surprise that Chargebacks911 continues to attract many of the industry’s brightest and most talented minds. We offer what no other company can: a genuine, lasting solution to end chargebacks once and for all.

More information about Gjura’s appointment as VP of Business Development can be found here. The original press release for Sweeney can be found here.

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