Monica Named “Best Female Entrepreneur” for Work With Chargebacks911®!

Best Female Entrepreneur - Golden Bridge Awards 2018

COO Earns “Best Entrepreneur or Founder” Title at Golden Bridge Awards 2018

Co-Founder and COO Monica Eaton-Cardone played a central, foundational role in developing and scaling Chargebacks911 since launching in 2011. Her expertise and leadership have a direct impact on shaping the eCommerce environment, and this latest award recognizes that critical role!

We’re extremely excited for Monica to be named 2018’s “Best Entrepreneur or Founder (Woman)” at the Golden Bridge Awards. This tenth-annual awards show honors the best in business innovation from around the world. Other brands honored by the Golden Bridge Awards include IBM, 3M, Reebok, Aflac, Intel, Jeunesse, and more.

Recognizing Global Contributions

As explained by the awards presenters, “The Golden Bridge Business awards were created to honor and generate industry wide recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and businesses worldwide in every area.” The presentation honors the most influential brands and thought leaders in the global market. The best products, teams, marketing campaigns, and much more are also recognized.

"I’m incredibly grateful and proud to receive this award. I’ve spent close to a decade developing and building Chargebacks911 into the best service provider in the industry. We’ve still got plenty of room to grow, though!"

Monica Eaton-Cardone Chargebacks911

Under Monica’s award-winning leadership, Chargebacks911 expanded from a one-person consulting gig to more than 350 employees around the globe since 2011. Check out Monica’s personal site to learn more about her professional journey, philanthropy, and speaking spots.

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