Chargebacks911 Partners with ACI Worldwide

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New Collaboration with ACI Worldwide Creates Greater Industry-Wide Chargeback Solutions

Chargebacks911® is pleased to announce the company’s latest strategic partnership with ACI Worldwide, a leader in global banking and electronic payment solutions.

This partnership between two of the leading brands in their respective fields will help bring a new level of security and stability to the payments industry.

A Strategic Partnership to Provide Merchants with Greater Resources

In order to provide the most robust services to their customer base, ACI Worldwide set out to secure an efficient chargeback management solution for merchants interested in recovering and retaining more revenue. Chargebacks911 was called upon to assist these merchants and provide superior results.

Jackie Barwell, Director of Fraud Product Management with ACI Worldwide, expressed the company’s enthusiasm regarding the new partnership by saying:

We are excited to work alongside Chargebacks911 to offer ACI ReD Shield customers the best tools and capabilities to prevent fraud…Merchants today are aiming to be more proactive with chargeback management, no longer accepting chargebacks, but successfully fighting them to protect their bottom line. We’re pleased to expand our merchant offering through this collaboration with a leader in chargeback mitigation.”

Jackie Barwell, Director of Fraud Product Management, ACI Worldwide

Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone agreed, commenting: “Merchants worldwide want a tactical approach to revenue recovery—one that achieves sustainable growth…We’re honored ACI has recognized our strength in this area, and we look forward to helping these merchants better manage their chargeback issues.”

Chargebacks911: The Right Solution at the Right Time

Since the company’s inception, Chargebacks911 has set themselves apart from other service providers by offering the first truly proactive chargeback management strategy. Helping merchants identify current threats and predict future trends enables them to take action before chargebacks become an uncontrollable liability.

By joining forces with ACI Worldwide, Chargebacks911 puts the power to end friendly fraud within in merchants’ reach.

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