Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016: Sales, Stats, & Early Analysis

Did the Launch of the 2016 Holiday Season Deliver on Retailers’ Expectations? The mere mention of Black Friday calls to mind images of long lines, crowded malls, and frantic shoppers hoping to secure the best deals on the year’s hottest goods. However, sales figures for the past few years reveal a drastic shift in consumer […]

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2016 Success Stories: Consumer Preferences Driving Holiday Sales

Successful Marketing Strategies, Popular Products, and More Consumer Preferences The 2016 holiday shopping season has already proven to be one of the most impressive of recent years. What consumer preferences are driving merchants’ success this year? Noteworthy Statistics from Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, online merchants generated numerous noteworthy […]

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7 Entrepreneurship Trends to Watch For in 2017

What Will the Startup Landscape Look Like Going Forward? Entrepreneurship is a dynamic life path and is always evolving and changing. Different trends in entrepreneurship develop each year, providing insight as to how companies structure themselves, find investors, and present themselves to the public. These seven trends are likely to be among the most influential […]

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Revealing the Secret Science of Chargebacks911™

Is There a Secret Formula for Chargebacks911’s Success? To many, it can seem as though what we do here at Chargebacks911™ is magic. After all, we are able to generate better results than anyone else. Of course, there is no magic spell for revenue retention; rather, it’s our advanced, scientific approach to chargebacks which enables […]

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11 Experts Share Tips for Superb Customer Service this Holiday Season

How These 11 Businesses Prepare Their Customer Service Department for the Holidays For many businesses, the holiday season represents a significant portion of annual sales volume. Understandably, the substantial increase in customer interactions can put a strain on all departments, especially customer service. Fortunately, with a carefully constructed plan to optimize productivity, morale, and interdepartmental […]

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Preparing for Increased Holiday Sales: The Definitive Guide

The Holiday Shopping Frenzy is Well Underway. Are You Prepared? eCommerce sales volume in the U.S. will increase significantly as we move into the final weeks of 2016. Online sales during the holiday shopping season are projected to rise 17% over the previous year’s figure. In fact, the number of internet users shopping online during […]

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MasterCard’s DAF: Dispute Administration Fee

Understanding the Implications of MasterCard’s Dispute Administration Fee Numerous fees are involved in processing payment card transactions, with funds going to various entities including issuers, card networks and acquirers. In most situations, the merchant is debited for these reimbursements. That’s why if fees aren’t monitored closely, merchants could ultimately pay much more than they anticipated. […]

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Capitalizing on the mCommerce Revolution [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Optimizing the Mobile Customer’s Experience Could Generate More Revenue The figures are in. Mobile commerce is now a force to be reckoned with. U.S. mobile retail sales are expected to reach $204.6 billion by 2018—or four times what was spent in 2014. Consumers are showing a greater reliance on this new shopping opportunity, creating […]

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Visa Chargeback Reason Code 85

Chargeback Reason Code 85: Credit Not Processed While a significant portion of chargebacks are filed illegitimately by friendly fraudsters, the blame for transaction disputes doesn’t always lie elsewhere. There are several chargebacks that result from merchant error, and Visa chargeback reason code 85 is one such example. What is Reason Code 85? Visa chargeback reason […]

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“Compelling Evidence” for Chargeback Disputes?

Compelling Evidence

What Evidence Can Be Used to Challenge Chargebacks? Each chargeback dispute requires compelling evidence to demonstrate that the chargeback is illegitimate and the original transaction is valid. What is Compelling Evidence? There are a myriad of different types of documentation that are considered ‘compelling evidence’. These documents help prove the legitimacy of the transaction and […]

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