Oder fullfilment

A Beginner’s Guide to Order Fulfillment and Delivery

Best Practices for Optimizing Online Order Fulfillment and Merchandise Delivery

There are three stages to finalizing a sale: converting the prospect, processing the transaction, and shipping the merchandise.
Within the shipping phase, there are two key components: order fulfillment and merchandise delivery.

The Definition of Chargebacks header

The Definition of Chargebacks

How the Payment Industry Understands the Chargebacks Definition and What Merchants Need to Know

Chargebacks are an important part of the credit card payment process. A thorough understanding of the chargebacks definition, including how and when they should be used,

Affiliate fraud alerts

Affiliate Fraud Shield™: A New Revenue Retention Solution

Chargebacks911’s Latest Innovation Saves Merchants Millions of Dollars

Effective chargeback management depends on various tools and solutions, all specially designed to minimize individual risks. Affiliate Fraud Shield™ is perhaps one of the most effective strategies for mitigating fraud and retaining revenue.

Chargeback Scams

Prevent Chargeback Scams

Innovative Ways to Prevent Chargeback Scams

The public has become hyper-vigilant about identifying scams and preventing fraudsters from taking advantage of people. Unfortunately, one fraud tactic is flourishing in the eCommerce environment and few people seem ready to confront it.

managing merchant chargebacks

Managing Merchant Chargebacks

Tips For Handling the Merchant Chargeback Process

All merchants who accept credit card transactions are vulnerable to chargebacks. While many merchants simply accept the chargeback as a cost of doing business, the savvy merchant understands that managing this intrusive occurrence is the smarter approach.


6 Shocking and Terrifying Chargeback Facts

Shocking Chargeback Facts That Will Negatively Impact the Business’s Bottom Line

Chargebacks affect each merchant differently; however, there are certain chargeback facts that are universal to all businesses in all industries.
Merchants each have their own nightmares,

MasterCard Chargebacks

Mastercard Chargeback: Everything Merchants Need to Know

What Happens When a Merchant Receives a Mastercard Chargeback?

Each card network handles the chargeback process differently. A detailed understanding of Mastercard chargeback regulations will help a merchant successfully prevent and dispute chargebacks from this particular card network.