MRC Vegas 2018 Topgolf Event

MRC Vegas 2018 Topgolf Event

Chargebacks911®, Kount® & Whitepages Pro Team-Up for Special Topgolf Event

The MRC Vegas 2018 Topgolf party was a massive success!

TopGolf Golf Balls

We’d like to thank everyone for coming out and making this a night to remember. Plus, a special thanks to our partners at Kount and Whitepages Pro who helped us make this a truly amazing event. Together, we transformed ten bays in the Topgolf Birdie Bar into the spot for networking, food, and fun…and of course, plenty of swag, too!

Attendees got to take home their own commemorative Kount poker chip, custom Whitepages Pro golf tees, and Chargebacks911 golf balls. Plus, we also had piles of hats and our famous Chargebacks911 red bull socks!

As Chargebacks911 Business Development Representative Felicia Figueroa put it:

“TopGolf was such a blast this year! We loved seeing some experienced golfers showing newer players—some of whom were driving for the first time—how to hold the club and hit the ball. It was really an event where everyone was able to get together, relax, and have some fun.

It was great to see everyone chatting and networking among food and friends…and speaking of food: if you didn’t try one of the chicken and waffle bites, you definitely missed out!

Felicia Figueroa

We got some amazing feedback from our attendees about this special event, and we hope to plan another one in the future. See you next year!

Check out the gallery below for pics from the MRC Vegas 2018 Topgolf party:

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