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August 10, 2021 | 10 min read

Best Chargeback Help for Card-Not-Present Merchants

Found yourself considering whether you need chargeback help? If so, you’re not alone.

According to the 2021 Chargeback Field Report, merchants respond to roughly 43% of the chargebacks they receive. Their average net recovery rate, however, is only 12%. The problem is that most merchants simply lack the experience and expertise to manage chargebacks on their own.

Fighting chargebacks (also known as disputes) takes a lot of time and money. These resources would be better spent serving customers and growing your business. That’s why merchants who use third-party professionals to manage their customer disputes tended to report lower chargeback rates and increased revenue as the top benefits, according to the study.

When executed properly, chargeback assistance actually works. Merchants who take a proactive approach to dispute prevention and representment can greatly improve their business' profitability and reputation. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how and why you should consider getting help with your chargebacks.

Do You Need Chargeback Help?

There are two common reasons merchants don’t seek out chargeback assistance: they either don’t think they need it, or they don’t understand that it’s available. Professional fraud prevention and revenue recovery do exist, though. Even businesses with just a few chargebacks per month may benefit from it.

Of course, many merchants don’t even consider chargeback help. They believe that customer disputes are an unavoidable cost of doing business. They simply write off the losses, rather than take action.

The truth is that you can prevent chargebacks, both in the short term and over time. You can recover money and merchandise lost to post-transactional fraud. It’s difficult to accomplish on your own, though. That’s why partnering with a provider can have multiple advantages.

The right professional team can:

  • Identify hidden chargeback triggers in your policies and processes
  • Pinpoint the true sources of your chargebacks
  • Help deploy the best combination of tools and tactics
  • Give advance warning of upcoming chargebacks
  • Offer actionable suggestions based on your specific situation
  • Implement tools to ban known fraudsters
  • Provide error/risk/threat notifications with real-time solutions
  • Automatically handle representment on all invalid disputes

…the list goes on. To understand these a little better, let’s take a look at how professional chargeback help works, and what it can accomplish.

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How Professional Chargeback Management Works

You can split the science of managing customer disputes into two main components: prevention and representment. The latter is focused on what happens after you receive a chargeback. Prevention, however, covers a wider scope. Chargeback prevention includes steps you can take for immediate relief, plus long-term efforts to prevent chargebacks in the future.

You want to prevent chargebacks ahead of time whenever possible. Despite your best efforts, though, a few customer disputes will likely still occur. Some may be legitimate, and you can learn from those cases. Others will come from seemingly-legitimate customers; a practice called post-transactional or “friendly” fraud. You need to be prepared to challenge all invalid chargebacks through the representment process.

Regardless if we’re talking about prevention or representment, you should judge all chargeback professionals on three key offers they bring to the table: information, experience, and expertise.



Data-driven chargeback management is difficult, at best. You only have your own information to work from. A professional, on the other hand, should have access to more information from multiple sources. Historical data, statistics, and analytics from comparable businesses can generate more accurate reports.

Chargebacks911, for instance, was the first company to offer end-to-end chargeback management. We’ve already accumulated more big data than any comparable solution provider, and we’re constantly gathering more. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can pinpoint the optimal solutions for your specific situation.



Sometimes, the only way to learn is through trial and error. In other words, you want chargeback help from a partner with a history of success in different situations. The best providers have seen enough types of clients and circumstances to recognize and handle problems that you’re likely to miss.

The experience Chargebacks911 brings to the table comes from over a decade of dedicated dispute management. With so many successes under our belt, we know which tactics have proven most effective in each scenario. This allows us to deploy fully customized solutions for each merchant built on the bedrock of past experience.



The chargeback system is dynamic. Your partner in chargeback assistance must stay current with the latest technology, plus ever-changing rules and regulations. They must keep pace with emerging and evolving fraud techniques. They also have to be proactive in identifying the most effective solutions. This is true for both chargeback prevention and representment.

At Chargebacks911, chargebacks are our job: we do this every day. We’re constantly developing new tools to help you prevent disputes. We’re experts at creating chargeback responses that win reversals. We’re on-call when you need solutions to post-transactional fraud or other threats to your business.

What Can Merchants Do on Their Own?

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages of professional chargeback assistance, you might be wondering: “Can I do all this on my own?” Well yes, you least in theory.

Strictly speaking, all businesses are capable of managing chargebacks in-house. Banks and card networks provide all the guidelines. They've drafted literally thousands of pages of information on the topic. They also outline the tools you need to prevent and dispute chargebacks. In reality, of course, it’s not that simple.

Having access to the tools and information doesn’t mean it’s easy to implement them. Understanding and adhering to all the requirements can make your head spin. Just keeping up with new threats and new regulations is a full-time job on its own.

Most merchants—even the ones who feel they have a handle on the process—find it more cost-effective to employ at least some outside chargeback help. So how do you decide what will work best for you?

Options for Implementing Chargeback Help

When it comes to chargeback management, merchants basically have three options: managing in-house, outsourcing to a professional, or combining the two options. Outsourcing means professional handling, fewer internal resources, and a clear and measurable ROI.

Proponents of in-house management are convinced that their method accomplishes the same thing, but is more cost-effective. They say it allows them to react faster to situational changes. They also appreciate that it puts the process in the hands of people familiar with the business.

Neither argument is inherently true or false. Part of the decision-making process depends on your specific situation. Here are some of the pros and cons of each method.


Managing chargebacks in-house is doable, but it can be tricky, at best. Some hire a chargeback analyst to focus solely on customer disputes. A competent in-house manager may work if there are only a few disputes, or if the chargebacks are caused by obvious errors. That said, the odds of winning DIY reversals are statistically very low.

Positives Challenges
  • Total control of the process
  • Done by people most familiar with the business
  • Potentially lower up-front cost
  • Ties up resources better used elsewhere
  • Full responsibility for all aspects of management
  • Limited data for decisioning
  • Decidedly lower ROI
  • Less effective overall



Merchants relying on professional assistance from chargeback experts can take dispute management entirely off their plates. For the full effect, you must find an experienced provider who delivers a full range of services. For example, Chargebacks911® offers a turnkey solution that covers every stage of the chargeback process.

Positives Challenges
  • Highly customized solution
  • More effective prevention
  • Fewer chargebacks and more reversals
  • More and better data for AI decisioning
  • Allows reallocation of internal resources
  • Measurably higher ROI.
  • Depends on the provider; many only offer certain services or rely totally on less-effective automation
  • Some require additional investment in hardware
  • Many are not equipped to scale.



Outsourced chargeback help is almost always more effective. However, that does not always negate the benefits of in-house management. You could choose to handle some chargeback tasks in-house, but outsource the rest to third parties.

Positives Challenges
  • More overall control of the process
  • Ability to be “hands-on”
  • Potentially lower costs.

  • Depending on which services you outsource could be less effective
  • Ties up resources better used elsewhere
  • Still have responsibility for certain aspects.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

It’s simple: if disputes are being filed against you, professional chargeback help will provide some benefits. In a few situations, those benefits might not outweigh the costs involved. In the vast majority of cases, however, professional chargeback assistance can substantially raise your ROI. The key is finding the right partner.

Many chargeback companies rely solely on automated representment. This offers a few benefits. However, a “one-size-fits-all” solution with no human oversight can be dangerous. Other providers offer limited services, such as chargeback alerts or low-level representments. The most effective chargeback professionals can deliver customized solutions for chargeback help with every facet of your dispute management.

If you’re ready for help preventing or fighting disputes, Chargebacks911 can create a customized solution to fit your specific business. We can handle your chargebacks completely while maximizing your ROI. To learn more, contact us today.


Do I need chargeback help?

If you are receiving chargebacks at all, the answer is probably yes. Chargebacks can be prevented, and money and merchandise lost to fraud can be recovered. Unfortunately, most merchants simply don’t have the necessary experience or expertise to successfully manage chargebacks on their own.

How do you win a chargeback?

“Winning” a chargeback involves engaging in the chargeback representment process. This calls for maintaining detailed records, staying up-to-date on industry rule changes, refining your evidence compiling process, and being able to respond rapidly.

What chargeback help is available for merchants?

Professional chargeback assistance help could cover something as basic as chargeback alerts. Very few providers can comprehensively manage chargebacks at every stage of the process. Merchants also have the option of creating their own hybrid coverage, outsourcing some services, and handling the rest internally.

Can I save money by handling chargebacks in-house?

Merchants who use third-party professionals to manage their customer disputes cite lower chargeback rates and increased revenue as the top benefits. If you experience few to no customer disputes, then in-house management may be an option. Otherwise, partnering with the right chargeback help provider will almost certainly raise your ROI.

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