what cb chargebacks

What are Credit Card Chargebacks?

How a Credit Card Chargeback Affects the Merchant

Any cardholder who uses a payment card (credit, debit, or prepaid) has the right to utilize the consumer protection mechanism known as the chargeback. Both consumers and merchants should be aware of the conditions that apply to using this consumer protection,


Common Chargeback Myths

Don’t Fall for Common Chargeback Myths

Chargebacks are every business's nightmare. Because they are dreaded, they have a bad reputation and have sparked many myths.
Don’t let common chargeback myths scare you. There is a way to manage these financial setbacks.


Chargeback Analyst: In-House or Outsource?

Should Your Company Hire an In-House Chargeback Analyst or Outsource to a Professional?

For many merchants, chargeback management is an essential task. Without proper prevention and dispute practices, chargebacks will steal revenue, increase risk,

Card Security Codes

Card Security Codes

The Role Card Security Codes Play in Preventing Chargebacks

Credit cards come with a number of security features that are intended to boost shoppers’ confidence and reduce chargebacks for merchants. Card security codes are one such feature that can reduce fraud,

cb help

What Chargeback Help is Available?

Best Chargeback Help for Card-Not-Present Merchants

Many merchants assume chargebacks are just part of business. While transaction disputes are quite common, there is chargeback help available. More importantly, when executed properly, chargeback assistance actually works.

gray chargebacks

Chargeback Reasons

The Reasons Chargebacks are Filed
and the Gray Areas in Between

What started as a crucial element of consumer protection has since been manipulated into a consumer driven tool to commit fraud. Chargeback reasons no longer serve their intended purpose.


Chargebacks Explained

A Chargeback Definition: An Expert Explanation of Chargebacks - What They Are and What They Mean for Your Business.

Whether you are a merchant who has received his first chargeback or a consumer curious about how chargebacks work,

High Risk Processing Credit Cards

High Risk Credit Card Processing

The Role Chargebacks Play in High Risk Credit Card Processing

All business ventures come with a fair amount of unpredictability. Avoiding certain hazards seems obvious, while other risks might be worth the gamble. One situation isn’t as clear-cut as it may seem.


Pre-Compliance Chargebacks

Pre-Compliance Chargebacks: What are They and What do They Entail?

Pre-compliance chargebacks are a topic of mass confusion in the processing world today. These chargebacks (sometimes referred to as chargeback reason code 98) are misunderstood by merchants,