Best Practices to Fight eCommerce FraudChargebacks911® Founder Monica Eaton Discusses the Prevalence of Post-Transaction Fraud

February 27, 2023 | 1 min read

Best Practices to Fight eCommerce Fraud

Monica Eaton, a global leader in the payments and finance space, was asked to share her thoughts in a recent feature for The Paypers.

The Paypers is a Netherlands-based leading independent source of news and analysis products for the global fintech, payments, and eCommerce industry. The company’s products are aimed at merchants, payment service providers, processors, financial institutions, fintech companies, and technology vendors. Their focus is on major global trends and developments in digital channels, digital transactions, digital identity, and securing transactions.

It's true that fraud can happen at any stage during the life of a transaction. However, most attention tends to be focused on third-party fraud, rather than the even more pressing threat of post-transaction fraud.

“When it comes to fraud, there are two divisions: pre-sale and post-sale,” Monica says. “Pre-sale fraud prevention is best managed with fraud filters and strict policies, whereas post-sale or post transaction fraud (chargebacks) requires a more tactical strategy to decision each chargeback.”

The good news is that there are still things that can be done to alleviate post-transaction fraud. As Monica explains, “Optimum results are achieved when a retailer employs a competent solution for both.”

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