Top 10 Fraud Threats to Watch for in 2024 & How to RespondNew Guest Feature With Chargebacks911® CGO Pelwasha Faquiryan

March 5, 2024 | 1 min read

Top 10 Fraud Threats to Watch for in 2024 & How to Respond

Chargebacks911 Chief Growth Officer Pelwasha Faquiryan was recently asked to share her thoughts in a new guest feature for the Judopay blog.

Judopay has powered mobile payments for some of the biggest brands in hospitality, mobility and consumer finance, for over a decade. Their powerful network is designed to support businesses’ overall financial growth, with key insights conveyed via their blog to an audience of readers.

Fraud is a constantly evolving matter. New tactics are developed as new technologies arise. In response, Pel sat down to relay ten of the most pressing threats of 2024, including A2P fraud, AI fraud, and synthetic identities.

“Advanced technologies such as machine learning, generative AI, and predictive analytics are transforming the landscape of business operations,” Pel says in the piece. “Unfortunately, fraudsters have gained access to these powerful tools and are deploying them for nefarious purposes.”

She also offers some key tips for merchants to help them address these challenges and ensure that 2024 is a productive, profitable year. “Each of these fraud examples presents distinct challenges for merchants,” she says. “Understanding and addressing them is essential for maintaining financial security and business integrity.”

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