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ISO 20022

ISO 20022How This New Data Standard Could Impact Your Business

In this article, we explore the new ISO 20022 messaging standard. We’ll look at what the code is, how it works, and how it could affect your business in the short- and long term.

Presentment for payment

Presentment for PaymentTranslating & Explaining the Presentment Process for Merchants

This article will explain the presentment process for payments, from its core functions and terminology to its qualifications. We’ll also provide a general overview of the presentment for payments and discuss what to do if you get rejected or overruled by the bank.

Credit Card Authorization Codes

Credit Card Authorization Codes

Knowing the Credit Card Authorization Codes Can Help Avoid Chargebacks

Is there really that much you need to know about credit card transactions? After all, a cardholder slips a chip card into your POS terminal and,

Code 10 authorization

Code 10 Authorization

How & When to Make a Code 10 Authorization Request

Calling for a “Code 10 authorization” sounds somewhat dramatic. In reality, it’s a subtle, yet powerful tool to help protect you from credit card fraud.

False Declines

False Declines

How to Prevent False Declines on Credit Card Purchases

False declines are legitimate transactions incorrectly rejected by either a merchant or by the bank. The problem is more common than you might think. In fact,

Authorization Hold

Authorization Hold

The Merchant’s Guide to Authorization Holds

Placing an authorization hold on a credit card transaction is a smart, safe, and easy way to reduce costs and prevent unnecessary hassles, like having to reauthorize a transaction or provide a refund.

Pre-Authorization Settlement

Pre-Authorization Settlement

Pre-Authorization Settlement is Essential for Some Credit Card Transactions

Pre-authorization settlement can be an essential process for some merchants who accept credit cards. However, both cardholders and merchants can sometimes be a little unclear on what this refers to,

revenue hold

Revenue Hold

Revenue Hold? Can a Processor Really Withhold My Money?

A revenue hold is one tool that a payment processor may use to insulate themselves from the risks posed by dubious credit card transactions. All businesses must carefully balance risk in relation to profitability,

Credit Card Transaction Process

Credit Card Transaction Process

How the Credit Card Transaction Process Works for Merchants

For consumers, making a credit card purchase seems like a pretty simple exercise. Behind the scenes, though, the credit card transaction process is far more complex than it looks at first glance.

Credit Card Decline Codes Shredder Card

Credit Card Decline Codes

Customer Received a Credit Card Decline Code? Here’s How to Recover the Sale

It may have happened to you before: you’re at the store, you have a cart full of items, but when you dip your card into the terminal to pay,

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