Tracy Cray of Chargebacks911® Interviewed on FinTalk Podcast

Tracy Cray of Chargebacks911® Interviewed on FinTalk Podcast

Leading Global Fintech Expert Shares Her Professional Journey

Tracy Cray, Head of Card Scheme Compliance at Chargebacks911, is one of the world’s leading experts in the payments and fintech space. In a recent interview, Tracy sat down with host Scott Pinsker to share more insight about her professional and personal journey, as well as some insight on the future of financial technology.

This interview is presented to you as part of an audio series hosted by Chargebacks911 that explores topics including chargebacks, fraud, payments, and eCommerce best practices. The audio blog featues insights from some the industry’s leading thinkers, allowing them to share unique insights gained through decades of experience.

Tracy Cray is one of Europe’s leading thinkers in payments and finance, earning her the nickname “the Queen of Chargebacks.” Tracy shares an incredible story, including persevering through a rough upbringing and eventually rising to take on a leadership role at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

You won’t want to miss out on hearing the story that ultimately shaped an incredible leader in the payments space. Listen to the full interview below: