The Paypers Spotlight New Chargebacks911® Automation FeaturesChargebacks911 Offers Translation Automation Module for Merchants

August 2, 2022 | 2 min read

The Paypers Spotlight New Chargebacks911® Automation Features

In a Nutshell

Chargebacks911’s artificial intelligence-based multi-language translation capability in its Dispute Resolution Platform aims to solve merchant miscommunication regarding chargebacks.

As part of a series of recent updates to our internal systems and software, Chargebacks911 has added AI-driven automation to its foundational platform, which focuses on automating translation and intercommunication between agencies. The program is available through a modular web service. As reported in a recent feature for The Paypers, it not only gives merchants accurate translations from other languages, it’s also fully automated, working seamlessly across dozens of languages.

The Paypers is a Netherlands-based leading independent source of news and analysis products for the global fintech, payments, and eCommerce industry. The company’s products are aimed at merchants, payment services providers, processors, financial institutions, fintech companies, and technology vendors. Their focus is on major global trends and developments in digital channels, digital transactions, digital identity, and securing transactions.

According to the article, languages are difficult for AI systems to grasp. Despite this, companies worldwide have been working to solve this issue. Similar technology to that which drives software like Google’s LaMDA is used to be able to read and interpret chargeback information from multiple languages. This has led to Chargebacks911’s intelligently automating the chargeback dispute process for its customers that use more than one language through its intelligent language translation service.

Even working in a single language, companies require skilled dispute professionals on staff to deal with the flood of both legitimate and illegitimate disputes. Adding the task of translating multiple languages into this equation means additional complexities and costs that can be avoided with the right technology.

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