Tech Leaders Awards 2017

August 16, 2017 | 2 min read

Tech Leader Awards

Monica Eaton-Cardone a Finalist for “Diversity Leader of the Year”

We’re very excited to announce Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton-Cardone as a finalist for the Tech Leaders Awards 2017 “Diversity Leader of the Year” title. On behalf of our entire organization, thank you to the judges and event organizers for this honor!

The Importance of Diversity in Tech

Monica is a longtime, passionate advocate for diversity in the tech industry. Her stance is based on more than a matter of personal principle—it’s about preserving the future of the industry as well.

Monica understands that diverse teams of people are essential to fuel innovation, as homogenous groups tend to draw from the same experiences and backgrounds. They develop similar perspectives as a result. Diverse groups, on the other hand, have a broader wealth of perspectives to draw upon. This allows for more dynamic approaches to problem solving, with teams who better represent and can understand wider segments of people.

As women currently pursue only 18% of computer science degrees and 20% of engineering degrees, it’s clear that we have a diversity problem in the US tech landscape. It’s more important than ever that we agitate for diversity in the tech industry; otherwise, there will be no way to maintain a competitive edge over more diverse workforces.

About the Tech Leaders Awards

The annual Tech Leaders Awards is a highly-prestigious event hosted annually in the heart of one of the world’s leading epicenters of IT. The presentation brings hundreds of high-profile figures from the global tech industry together to recognize the best each sector has to offer.

Monica will compete against several other influential leaders from all different walks of the global tech landscape, including:

  • Alysia Silberg, Acceleforce
  • Anne Marie Neatham, Ocado Technology
  • Chitra Byregowda, Mindtree
  • David Henderson, Global
  • Jane Frankland, Cyber Security Capital
  • Kirsty Styles, Tech North
  • Ruth Harrison, ThoughtWorks
  • Sheila Flavell, FDM Group
  • Sheridan Ash, PwC

Congratulations to all of Monica’s fellow nominees, and good luck to everyone!

Learn more about the Tech Leaders Awards 2017 here.

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