Nick Flowers of Chargebacks911® Quoted in WTSPConsumer Dispute Expert From Chargebacks911 Weighs in on Phishing Schemes

July 13, 2022 | 2 min read

Nick Flowers of Chargebacks911® Quoted in WTSP

In a Nutshell

Nick Flowers of Chargebacks911 warns readers to be cautious of their inbox and personal information during global sales events like Amazon Prime Day in a new feature for WTSP.

In a recent article warning consumers about the prevalence of phishing scams around Amazon Prime Day, Nick Flowers of Chargebacks911 warned readers to be cautious of their inbox and personal information during global sales events like Prime Day.

10 Tampa Bay WTSP is a broadcast channel that has served the Tampa Bay area since 1965. They’re known for the award-winning investigative reporting of the 10 Investigates team while presenting important news and weather updates to keep Bay Area viewers informed daily.

Amazon is one of the most impersonated domains on the internet. According to the article, almost 1,900 new domains related to the term "Amazon" were created just last month, and 9.5% were found malicious or suspicious.

Just last year, there was an 86% increase in phishing emails during the month of Amazon Prime Day. There was also a 16% increase in phishing URLs compared to the previous month.

Flowers warned that one of the most common forms of fraud his company sees occurs through fraudulent emails and text messages. “We always suggest going to your account, checking online,” he said. “Definitely don’t enter credentials through the text message, and really we wouldn’t recommend hitting the link either.”

Sometimes these are even more obvious to spot when you get them as a text. You can tell by the sender's information that they're not legit. Regarding emails, the article advised readers to look for shortened site links and to copy them into a tool to see the entire site address and look for anything suspicious.

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