Chargebacks911 Merchant Compliance Review

Merchant Onboarding Audit

Chargeback Prevention Begins with You


Eliminate Chargeback Triggers Right from the Start

As many as half of all chargebacks filed against a business stem from simple errors and oversights on the merchant’s part. Chargebacks911® audits all processes right at the onboarding stage. We help merchants identify potential errors/risks/threats, provide actionable steps for resolution, and help remedy seemingly minor issues that could trigger disputes.

  • 106-point non-compliance check
  • Immediately reduces number of chargebacks
  • ERT (Error/Risk/Threat) notifications
  • Actionable resolution suggestions
  • Comprehensive end-to-end analysis
  • Objective analysis of all procedures
  • Up-to-date on current compliance regulations

Accuracy and compliance are critical to any long-term chargeback management solution. The exclusive Chargebacks911 Onboarding Audit can help you detect, identify, and correct quality and procedural missteps – before you even go live. Don’t assume chargebacks are just a cost of doing business. Let us show you tools to block disputes before they happen.

Minor Missteps Could be Costing You Major Revenue

What you don’t know can hurt you: optimize your policies and procedures for maximum profitability and revenue retention.