IWD: How Mentorship Can Help Fix Fintech’s Gender Imbalance

New International Women's Day Fintech Times Guest Feature From Monica Eaton

Chargebacks911® Co-Founder and COO Monica Eaton was recently featured by Fintech Times regarding gender parity in tech, as part of their International Women’s Day features.

The Fintech Times is a bimonthly publication exploring the explosive world of financial technology. They blend first-hand insight, opinions, and expertise with observational journalism to provide a balanced and comprehensive perspective of this rapidly evolving industry.

The piece discusses the staggering disparity of women-held roles in tech and its subsidiaries, like fintech and payments. According to the article, women represent 11% of fintech company board members, 19% of C-suite executives, and only 6% of company founders. Even within that 19%, women tend to be filed into roles in HR and marketing – they are seven times more likely to be Head of People than CTO. Most of these figures hold across the world, but women are 2.5x more likely to be CEOs in the Middle East than in Europe and twice as likely to be CTOs in Africa versus the rest of the world.

The subject is a passion project for Monica as an advocate of the LIFT Program. She had a lot to say about the topic.

“The answer to unconscious bias is consciously raising each other up. Mentorship programs are perhaps the most powerful way for women to address the imbalance in fintech – rather than imposing quotas, mentorship allows women at the start of their careers to overcome the specific obstacles to getting to where they want to be in their careers.”

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