Is Google Pay Safe? A Payments Expert Weighs InChargebacks911® CEO Monica Eaton Quoted in New Feature for Jotform Blog

May 17, 2023 | 2 min read

Is Google Pay Safe? A Payments Expert Weighs In

Monica Eaton of Chargebacks911 was invited to share her thoughts in a new feature for the Jotform blog.

Jotform is a powerful online form builder that makes it easy to create robust forms and collect important data. Trusted by over 20M users worldwide, such as nonprofits, educational institutions, small businesses, and enterprises, Jotform is a gateway to gathering better information to propel your business.

Monica suggests that people tend to be wary of new technologies. This hesitancy has been the main obstacle to adoption for users in general, saying that being skeptical of new technology is not necessarily bad. “Fraud, identity theft, and other types of cybercrime are unfortunate realities and talked about in the media,” she says. “This causes people to be hesitant about using products like Google Pay.”

Although the instructions are simple, they don't really explain the technology, and the lack of understanding makes consumers hesitant.

“When consumers push for a better answer, they usually hear something like this: ‘It stores all your credit card information so you don’t need to carry a wallet.’ When it’s put that way, even proponents of the product have to admit that it doesn’t sound very safe,” Monica says.

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