Introducing BlueSnap: Our Newest Industry Partner

Introducing BlueSnap: Our Newest Industry Partner

Chargebacks911® & BlueSnap Team-Up to Offer Flexible, All-in-One Payment Platform

We’re proud to introduce our newest partners in the fight against revenue loss: BlueSnap!

A One-Stop Solution for Payment Processing

BlueSnap’s All-in-one Payment Platform is ideal for B2C and B2B merchants in any vertical. Their easy-to-integrate and manage technology takes the headache out of payment processing. Access a payment gateway, merchant acquiring, and processing…all through one simple integration, one account, one payout, one reporting view.

Clients can accept payment options including subscription, multi-vendor, invoicing, and mobile wallet payments.

Conducting business globally is easy with BlueSnap’s  network of 30+ acquiring banks. Their intelligent payment routing directs shoppers’ transactions to the most appropriate bank for each shopper thereby increasing conversion and revenue.

There’s no need to worry about protecting your bottom line from fraudsters with BlueSnap. The platform offers the benefit of Kount® fraud protection technology. This integrated tool is native to the platform, intercepting and blocking fraud attempts. Performance is backed by reporting and analysis tools that are accessible any time through the BlueSnap mobile reporting app.

Teaming Up Against Chargebacks

Chargebacks911 are the industry leaders in chargeback mitigation. We’re always looking to build relationships with the best solution providers on the market. That’s why we’re so excited to offer our exclusive chargeback solution to BlueSnap clients.

Chargebacks are a serious—if often overlooked—threat to your bottom line. Each dispute costs revenue, merchandise, and added fees. Over time, those mounting disputes add up, threatening your long-term sustainability. To add insult to injury, criminal fraud causes fewer than 10% of chargebacks. Most chargebacks are friendly fraud and cyber shoplifting.

Chargebacks already cost merchants $31 billion every year. Our partnership with BlueSnap means the industry’s most advanced chargeback prevention and revenue recovery tool is now available to hundreds of merchants. As Chargebacks911 CEO Gary Cardone explains: “We are very proud to have been chosen as BlueSnap’s technology experts in chargeback management…BlueSnap’s pioneering efforts to bring together a solution that delivers on so many levels will introduce a new strategy for success.”

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