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October 5, 2021 | 5 min read

Chargeback Protection Using  Ethoca Alerts

Chargebacks are a pain. Chargeback rules are confusing, and to trying to prevent disputes is a real challenge. All that said, you can’t afford to write chargebacks off as just another “cost of doing business.” Ethoca Alerts offer immediate dispute reduction, but are they right for your business?

Chargeback alerts offer one method to quickly get chargebacks under control. Here at Chargebacks911, we offer the industry’s widest alerts network. We draw from our proprietary alerts network, as well as third-party offerings like Verifi CDRN and Ethoca Alerts. This ensures that you never get caught off guard by another chargeback.

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What are Ethoca Alerts?

Ethoca Alerts is the flagship offering from Ethoca. It is a chargeback management product that enables merchants to collaborate with issuers and eliminate chargebacks with near real-time chargeback notifications.

The platform is one of several alerts networks designed to intercept chargebacks on your behalf. These tools let you resolve disputes before they become chargebacks.

Ethoca Alerts detect cardholder disputes initiated by participating issuers. The tool picks up on the pending dispute and notifies you so that you can resolve the dispute, rather than let it progress to a chargeback.

How Do Alerts Help Prevent Chargebacks?

Let’s assume that a cardholder completes a purchase at your online store. But, once the goods arrive, the buyer is dissatisfied with the purchase for whatever reason. Instead of reaching out to you for a refund, the buyer goes straight to the issuing bank to dispute the charge.

If the bank takes the cardholder’s claim at face value, it means that you’re about to get hit with a chargeback. Unless you’ve got chargeback alerts in place, that is.

Now, let’s say that the situation is exactly the same, but the bank is a member of the Ethoca Alerts network. If that’s the case, the network will be pinged by a pending dispute before the bank submits the chargeback, and you’ll receive a notification to let you know that a dispute is in progress.

Ethoca Alerts give you the opportunity to try and resolve the dispute on your own. You can issue a refund to the buyer, or provide additional transaction details to resolve the cardholder’s complaint. This lets you avoid costly fees, fines, and penalties. It also protects your relationship with your bank, ensuring you don’t lose your processing privileges due to elevated chargeback issuances.

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Are There Other Benefits to Ethoca Alerts?

Ethoca Alerts protect your revenue against chargebacks, and also help preserve your relationship with your bank. These aren’t the only benefits to consider, though. Chargeback alerts from Ethoca also allow you to:

  • Avoid False Positives: All chargeback alerts are tied to an already-pending chargeback. This means there’s no risk that the network will flag transactions by accident.
  • Real-Time Loss Prevention: Avoid losses from additional billings and order fulfillments by ending rebills after an initial chargeback alert.
  • Allocate Staff More Effectively: Take some of the burden of chargeback management off your staff and let them refocus their energy on growing your business.

Is the Ethoca Alerts Network the Solution for Chargebacks?

Ethoca Alerts are a great stop-gap measure to reduce chargeback issuances in a short period of time. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right in every circumstance.

Ethoca alerts can prevent chargebacks before they hit your bank account. However, they don’t address the reason why that chargeback was issued in the first place. They also can’t prevent the lost sales revenue and merchandise resulting from a consumer dispute.

Also, Ethoca Alerts only notify you of chargebacks that occur within the alert network. Comprehensive coverage demands enrolling in multiple alerts networks, which can result in duplicate alerts and other unanticipated problems. This can, in turn, lead to redundant and less-accurate reporting, which can cause you to misallocate resources while other problems go unaddressed.

The key to getting the most out of Ethoca Alerts and other products is condensing them into one easy-access dashboard.

The Industry’s Premier Provider for Chargeback Alerts

The Chargebacks911 Alerts Management suite draws on both Ethoca Alerts and Verifi CDRN, as well as our own proprietary network. This allows us to offer the broadest, most comprehensive chargeback alerts network on the market. Our customers enjoy:

  • Easy Setup: Working with Ethoca Alerts and other products through Chargebacks911 is a no-hassle process. You can be live—and protected—within a matter of hours.
  • Customizable Notifications: Receive alerts based on predetermined parameters. Enable automated transaction refunds based on the guidelines you decide.
  • Better Reporting: Eliminate the possibility of duplicate alerts across multiple networks. This allows for better reporting and clearer insight regarding chargeback sources.
  • Ongoing Support: Our internal team provides ongoing, round-the-clock support at all service levels and scales.

Whether you refund charges, stop order fulfillment, or take no action at all…the decision is in your hands.

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