Chargebacks911® & PayCertify Partnership Featured on IBS Intelligence

Leading Payment Processor Offers Chargebacks911 Services to Clients

Chargebacks911 was spotlighted in a recent featured on IBS Intelligence. The post highlights the company’s new partnership with California-based payment services provider, PayCertify, to deliver chargeback management and mitigation to the processor’s merchant clients.

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Chargebacks are never a good thing for online merchants,” says PayCertify CEO Chase Harmer in the article. “Managing chargebacks has become even more critical to businesses these days, given the global pandemic situation and the uncertainty that has come with it. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with the industry leader in chargeback mitigation, Chargebacks911, to support our merchants and protect them from the financial losses resulting from chargebacks and issues with an order.”

Chargebacks911 are very excited to offer their service to PayCertify’s profile of merchants. This is an opportunity for merchants to benefit from the company’s chargeback mitigation expertise, as well as gain the skills and expertise necessary for long-term chargeback reduction.

“We’re perfectly placed to help PayCertify to better inform its merchants about chargebacks, to help them reduce losses and increase revenue – and we’re thrilled to be doing so,” says Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone.