Chargebacks911® Featured on FOX13

June 16, 2022 | 2 min read

Chargebacks911® Featured on FOX13

Cb911 Funds Scholarship for Student Hero Following Assisted Living Facility Rescue

Chargebacks911 was recently featured on FOX13 in a private award ceremony for University of Florida student Madison Rushe, who risked her own safety during a fire at a Clearwater assisted living facility to rescue residents. In recognition of Ms. Rushe’s bravery, we agreed to fund a scholarship provided through nonprofit Finish Line for Scholarships.

WTVT FOX13 is a television station licensed to Tampa, Florida, United States, broadcasting the Fox network to the Tampa Bay area. Owned and operated by the network's Fox Television Stations division, WTVT maintains studios on Kennedy Boulevard on Tampa's west side, and its transmitter is located in Riverview.

As explained in the piece, Rushe had just finished her shift in the dining room at the Regency Oaks Senior Living facility in Clearwater earlier in June, when she learned a fire had started upstairs.  "I just threw my belongings and ran up to help evacuate residents," she recounted to FOX 13. Clearwater Fire Rescue was on the way, but there was no time to wait—so Rushe and others worked to get the older residents to safety.

"We had about 40-50 residents we needed to get out immediately. Some were coming down willingly; others we were helping carry down the stairs with walkers and such," she said.

Monica Eaton, Chargebacks911 COO and Co-Founder, applauded Rushe and her coworkers for their bravery and quick response. “It’s individuals like Rushe who really make our community something special,” she said. “People who go the extra mile for others deserve recognition. We at Chargebacks911 are honored to have been a part of that.”

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