Chargebacks911® Executive Weighs in on Best Data Tools

Monica Eaton-Cardone Advocates Logentries in New Feature for Digital Guardian

Monica Eaton-Cardone, a noted technology and fraud prevention expert, was invited to participate in a recent feature for Digital Guardian. In the post, Monica and 20 of her fellow technology experts weighed in on the best tools and practices to enable data visibility and monitoring.

Digital Guardian delivers threat aware data protection to safeguard sensitive data from threats. Their blog is an important resource for professionals looking to glean key cybersecurity and fraud insights.

Contributors for this latest piece run the gamut, including fraud experts, marketers, data executives, and more. The one thing these professionals all have in common: secure, stable, and interpretable data is a vital resource.

Each participant was asked to offer up a recommendation for improved data monitoring. As Monica explains, logentries provide in-depth visual analysis of data trends, management, security, and performance. Best of all, the methods Monica advocates are highly affordable, sometimes costing literal pocket change for monthly services. But, like any tool, they must be deployed properly.

“A few practices to keep in mind include filtering out unnecessary data, classifying the most important systems as well as making sure these systems will have the most number of alerts, testing your monitoring alert system, developing a process of resolving alerts and most importantly, documenting everything.”