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Monica Eaton-Cardone Asks ‘What Will Happen When Cryptos Become Political?’

A change of government can mean significant changes in policy regarding financial and trade regulations. This is especially true if, as Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton-Cardone notes in a new feature for Finance Magnates, the asset being regulated could be perceived as inherently political in nature.

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Monica, as well as several of her fellow executives, spoke on the record for the piece, offering their insights as to what the incoming Biden administration could mean for crypto investments. When asked if cryptocurrencies could see greater scrutiny, Monica says that “The potential is surely there.” However, there’s no solid indicator yet that this will be the case.

“The wildcard is, what happens when cryptocurrency ceases to be apolitical?” she asks. “Washington is as bitterly divided as it’s been in generations, but right now, cryptocurrency is mostly an apolitical concept. It just doesn’t polarize liberals or galvanize conservatives the way other issues do. And because of this, it might escape political scrutiny.”

Monica notes that Biden has a reputation as a consensus builder. “He’s a known entity,” she says, suggesting that the administration may not make any radical changes to the government’s handling of crypto assets any time soon.