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Everything you Need to Know About Authorized Users

Monica Eaton, Co-Founder and COO of Chargebacks911®, was asked to contribute her thoughts to a recent article. In the post, Monica talks about the potential benefits and risks associated with adding an authorized user to your account.

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The article begins by assuring the reader that adding an authorized user to your credit card account should not be taken lightly. When you authorize a person to make changes to your account, you are the one responsible for paying for their purchases with the card linked to your account. There can be very serious consequences to consider before you make such a decision.

Even family members can raise red flags. “For instance, a spouse can be an authorized user on your card, as well as some other close family member, such as a teenage or college-aged child,” she explains.

Monica urges cardholders to consider the responsibility of the user in question. “When you add an authorized user, you’re allowing that person to use your credit. If they are irresponsible, it could negatively impact your credit and cost you money down the line. You could end up with a higher credit utilization ratio, as well as a large bill for which you’re ultimately responsible.”

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