Chargebacks911® COO Hosts Industry Q&A for Subscription Insider

Monica Eaton-Cardone Hosts New Q&A Session for Subscription Merchants

Monica Eaton-Cardone appears in a new guest feature for Subscription Insider, answering the industry’s top questions about COVID-19, subscriptions, and online fraud.

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As Monica notes in the piece, subscription sales are generally considered a “high-risk” vertical. “There are also specific sales models and business practices that will increase your risk,” she points out. “For example, direct marketing and subscription services are always going to be at a higher risk for chargebacks.”

Monica, perhaps the world’s leading expert in chargeback processes, offers insight on all the most important questions that subscription merchants need to know. The ongoing coronavirus outbreak is making the chargeback problem worse than ever, and merchants need to be prepared.

“We’ve already seen a 23% increase in filings since the crisis began, and we expect to see those figures continue to rise as the crisis drags on. The situation is especially bad for sellers in hard-hit verticals like travel and entertainment, where they could see chargeback filings multiply like crazy; one of our clients in this space has already reported a 300% increase in disputes!”