Chargebacks911® COO Comments on Hiring Practices for

Monica Eaton-Cardone Discusses How to Show Candidates You’re a COVID-Safe Workplace

Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton-Cardone offered her expertise as a business leader in a new feature exploring how employers can convince potential hires that they’re running a safe workspace.

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COVID-19 has been an incredibly disruptive force in every facet of society. As a result, workplace safety regarding the illness will be a concern for new hires for the foreseeable future. “It’s important for businesses to remember that even when restrictions begin to lift, individual concerns won’t disappear overnight,” Monica says. “The hiring process needs to take these concerns into account.”

Employers must to dedicate some serious consideration regarding how to convince candidates that you take their health and safety seriously. Otherwise, they risk losing top talent to competitors with a more robust and sensitive response to the crisis.

“An open and honest discussion should be had early on, which will help reassure the applicant that their best interests are in mind. It also indicates a professional and respectful approach and shows that the company is equipped to deal with all extenuating circumstances.”