International Chargebacks

Preventing Chargebacks Resulting from International Orders

The internet is a great tool for connecting buyers and sellers from around the world; however, that degree of global connection comes with greater risk of fraud.
When going global via the internet,


Visa Chargeback Reason Code 30

Reason Code 30: Services Not Provided or Merchandise Not Received

A reason code is assigned to each chargeback a company receives. It describes exactly why the dispute was filed. But all the major credit card companies have their own set of reason codes.

excessive cbs

Excessive Chargeback Levels

Will Excessive Chargeback Levels Unfairly Lead to Your Business's Demise?

Even a single chargeback can negatively impact a business, but when the rate of chargebacks escalates, the business’s longevity is at risk.
Excessive chargeback levels threaten a business’s ability to process credit cards and ultimately the capability to function in the eCommerce environment.

authorization denied

Authorization Errors

Avoid Chargebacks Associated with Authorization Errors

While fraudulent transactions may be a major contributor to chargebacks, there are other, more avoidable, instigators too.
One area that is troubling to merchants revolves around authorizations. It is essential to get proper authorization prior to concluding a sale.

mistakes business

6 Business Mistakes that Cause Chargebacks

Make these Mistakes and You Can Expect Chargebacks

For online merchants, it’s likely that chargebacks are already an unpleasantly familiar phenomenon.
However, there’s something you probably didn’t know: simple, in-house business mistakes are likely causing a significant portion of your chargebacks.


Accounting for Chargebacks

From beginning to end, chargebacks are one giant headache—the process is time consuming, difficult to understand, skewed in favor of the cardholder, and expensive.
If you thought the loss of profits, fines, and decreased credibility with your merchant processor was bad,

win dispute

Successful Chargeback Disputes

Is it Possible to Win a Chargeback Dispute?

Chargebacks are the silent killer of online businesses. In order to stay afloat, merchants must integrate representment into their chargeback management practices.

What is Chargeback Representment?

Visa Debit

Visa Debit Chargeback: Everything You Need to Know

Is There Any Difference Between Visa’s Credit and Debit Chargeback Policies?

For most eCommerce merchants, the concept of a chargeback is pretty well understood. However, what isn’t as widely known is that the process differs slightly based on the card used by the consumer—debit,


The History of Chargebacks

The History and Evolution of Chargebacks

The history of chargebacks isn’t very old, but this consumer protection mechanism has rapidly evolved in a relatively short time span. While they still serve their original purpose,

creditcard chargebacks

Credit Card Chargebacks

A Basic Explanation of Credit Card Chargebacks

If you are new to the business world, there is a concept you are probably unfamiliar with – credit card chargebacks. Unless you’ve ever filed one as a cardholder,