Chargeback Stats

SHOCKING Chargeback Stats to Know for 2021 & Beyond

Chargeback stats can be difficult to pin down. Accurate, reliable information on the state of chargebacks is scarce. Plus, any information that’s available can be contradictory,

Amazon Chargeback Email

Got an Amazon Chargeback Email? Here’s How You Can Recover Your Money.

Working through an online marketplace like Amazon offers some great benefits to you as a merchant. You can manage inventory, invoice customers,

Chargeback Companies

Chargeback Management Companies: What You Need to Know

A chargeback management company isn’t something most merchants think about…until they need one, that is. When chargeback rates start surging and keeping them in check starts requiring too much time and manpower,

Payment Card Dispute

Payment Card Disputes: the Ultimate Merchant’s Guide to Protect Your Business

What is a payment card dispute? In simple terms, it’s a situation in which a cardholder reaches out to their issuing bank to demand that a charge on their card statement be reversed.

Chinese eCommerce Fraud

Examining the State of eCommerce Fraud Management in China Through 2025

When discussing eCommerce trends, there’s a tendency to focus primarily on North America and Europe. After all, these are both massive consumer markets with discerning and plugged-in consumer bases.

Prevent Chargeback Scams

Top Tips to Prevent Chargeback Scams & Stop Customer Dispute Abuse

Chargeback scams hurt everyone. Consumers, banks, merchants—all parties in the credit card process pay the price for chargeback abuse. Dealing with legitimate disputes is hard enough;

3 Ways to Use Payment Data to Help Reduce Disputes

The following content was provided by Kimberly Miller, VP of Business Development at Payway.
As merchants continue to survive in this pandemic by moving their businesses online, they are quickly learning there are several differences between processing in-store transactions versus processing online transactions.

Cookie Stuffing

Cookie Stuffing: The Reason Your Next Affiliate Campaign May Crumble

Cookie stuffing. The term may sound like it describes chocolate chips or marshmallows. In the world of affiliate advertising, though, it’s a devious way for fraudsters to siphon away unearned money behind an advertiser’s back.

Chargeback Ratio

Chargeback Ratio: the 8 Most Important Things to Know

Do you know your chargeback ratio? This isn’t something to take lightly; even a slight, temporary change in this number can be costly.
In simple terms,

Visa Dispute Monitoring Program

What is the Visa Dispute Monitoring Program? How Can the VDMP Affect Your Business?

The Visa Dispute Monitoring Program, or VDMP, gives Visa a way to keep tabs on chargeback activity at the merchant level.

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