Both Criminal and Consumers Pose Risks in a Post-Brexit Market

Monica Eaton-Cardone Offers Brexit Insight for Newsmax Finance

In the latest installment of her monthly column for Newsmax Finance, Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton-Cardone offers her take on how Brexit will affect sellers, both in the UK and abroad.

Nearly three years after the UK voted to leave the EU, there’s still a lot uncertainty surrounding Brexit. In fact, some remain skeptical of the idea that Brexit will even happen at all. As Monica points out in the piece, bookies in the UK are taking bets on the final outcome.

It can be near-impossible to plan for your business’s future in this kind of environment. After all, payments are incredibly complex, even under the best circumstances. But, when merchants don’t even know what market they might be part of in a few months’ time, there’s no way to develop a reliable, long-term strategy.

“The prospect of Britain leaving the EU threatens business interests in North America and abroad,” Monica says, “and it’s not limited only to retail merchants who deal directly with UK consumers.” Shipping and logistic delays and inconsistent payment rules are both likely results is the UK crashes out of the EU.

“Trying to predict the global impact of Brexit ten years down the road—or even ten months, for that matter—is a game of crude speculation, at best. Generally, merchants will need to serve as their own best insulation against the impacts of Brexit-related upheaval.”