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Chargebacks911® Gets Wild With Big Cat Rescue

Chargebacks911® Gets Wild With Big Cat Rescue

Grant Helps Build New Rehab Sanctuary for the World’s Most Majestic Creatures

Tampa-based Big Cat Rescue are the beneficiaries of Chargebacks911’s latest community endowment. Congratulations…you’ve earned it!

For over 25 years, Big Cat Rescue has housed and rehabilitated exotic cats from all over the world. The sanctuary also conducts important advocacy work to help end the trade in these beautiful animals once and for all.

Big Cat Rescue is currently home to more than 70 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars, servals, jaguars, and many more.

Big cats are among the world’s most iconic, most beloved—and most at-risk—animal species. Without ongoing efforts to protect them and their habitats, many of the world’s big cat populations will disappear within our lifetimes.

Our $450 community partnership grant to Big Cat Rescue will help the center build new rehabilitation sanctuaries, so that the facility can continue to grow and carry-on their important work. It’s just another way we at Chargebacks911 are advancing our mission to improve the world…one community at a time.

Click here to learn more about Big Cat Rescue.