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My Bank Account is Under Investigation

My Bank Account is Under Investigation

Asking Yourself ‘Why my Bank Account is Under Investigation?’ One of These Could be the Reason.

It can be scary when your bank account is under investigation. You’re wondering if you could be out hundred—or even thousands—of dollars.

Internet Processing

Internet Processing

Internet Processing: Understanding its Role in the eCommerce Process

Internet processing of credit card payments is a bit different from how we handle card-present transactions. Whether you’re new to credit card acceptance, or a brick-and-mortar retailer interested in establishing an online store,

Issuer vs acquirer

Issuer vs Acquirer

What's the Difference between an Issuing Bank vs Acquiring Bank?

Every payment card transaction involves two key players: the issuing bank, representing the cardholder, and the acquiring bank, which represents the merchant. That’s not to say it’s a clear-cut contest of issuer vs acquirer,

Interchange Fee

Interchange Fee

How the Interchange Fee Assessed by Banks Affects Merchants

Interchange fees—often called “swipe fees”—are a cost that merchants pay for the privilege of accepting credit card payments. The amounts are set and by card brands like Visa and Mastercard and assessed by issuing banks as a fee for maintaining the network used to conduct payments.

TC40 data

TC40 Data

What is TC40 Data? Can it Help You Prevent Fraud & Chargebacks?

Every merchant wants to get a leg-up in the fight against fraud and chargebacks. Some believe that TC40 data is the “silver bullet” that can help stop chargebacks before they happen.

Visa Issuer Monitoring Program

Visa Issuer Monitoring Program

The Visa Issuer Monitoring Program Is Now in Effect.

We’ve recently discussed changes to the Visa chargeback threshold and fraud threshold on our blog. While the rules are tightening for merchants, the same could be said for issuers,

Contingent Reimbursement Model

Contingent Reimbursement Model

Will the Contingent Reimbursement Model (CRM) Code Stop Push Payment Scams?

If you do business in the UK market, you might have heard some mention of a new system known as the Contingent Reimbursement Model Code,

Acquiring Bank

The Acquiring Bank

What is an Acquirer?

An acquiring bank (acquirer) works as the middleman in payment card transactions. They link merchants with issuing banks (those that issue credit and debit cards to consumers).
While issuing banks work directly with cardholders,

issuing bank

The Issuing Bank

What is an Issuer?

The simple answer is that issuers (issuing banks) are institutions who issue credit and debit cards to consumers. The credit card issuer acts as the middle-man between the consumer and card schemes like Visa and Mastercard.

Merchant Identification Number

Merchant Identification Number

Protect Your Merchant ID…Your Business Depends on It.

Do you know where to find your merchant identification number (also called a merchant ID or MID)? It’s a simple little code, but your merchant identification number is an extremely important part of any transaction.