PayPal Chargeback Fees

PayPal Chargeback Fee

How Much are PayPal Chargeback Fees Costing You?

Most people are familiar with PayPal as a P2P (person-to-person) payments platform. The company pioneered the concept that’s been taken up by newcomers like Venmo and Zelle.

Credit Card Chargebacks

Credit Card Chargebacks

When to File—and When NOT to File—a Credit Card Chargeback

Picture this: you made an online purchase with your credit card. You’ve been waiting forever for the items to arrive, but when you contact the seller,

Paypal Scams

Paypal Scams

The Top 8 Paypal Scams to Watch Out for in 2022

Honestly: who isn’t familiar with PayPal these days?
According to Statista, PayPal boasts nearly 350 million active users. That’s a massive incentive for merchants to get on board with PayPal payments.

Proxy Piercing

Proxy Piercing

How Merchants Can Use Proxy Piercing to Help Prevent Fraud

As an eCommerce merchant, you don't typically see your customers. So, when you’re taking online orders, you can't really know for certain that the buyer is an authorized cardholder.

Fraud scoring

Fraud Scoring

The Basics of Fraud Scoring: How Quantifying Your Risk Helps Prevent Fraud

Every eCommerce transaction is unique. At the same time, many elements of a transaction will remain consistent for single buyers.
Typically, indicators like IP address,

Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection and Prevention Tools

The 10 "Must-Have" Fraud Detection Tools & Best Fraud Prevention Solutions

Here’s a startling statistic: according to the Merchant Risk Council, the amount merchants spend to tackle online fraud increased five-fold between 2019 and 2021.

card-not-present transactions

Card-Not-Present Transactions

The Risks & Benefits of Card-Not-Present Transactions

“Card-not-present transaction.” The term seems fairly self-explanatory at first glance; a payment card transaction where the actual card itself isn’t involved.
At one point, this referred solely to transactions made by phone,

Payment Authentication

Payment Authentication

Payment Authentication: How to Verify Your Buyer’s Identity Before the Sale

Let’s say you’re trying to conduct a card-present transaction. There are some pretty basic ways to know if the customer on the other side of your checkout counter is actually the person they claim to be.

History of Chargebacks

The History of Chargebacks

How the History of Chargebacks Helped Shape Commerce as We Know it Today

Cardholders who feel that a credit card transaction is inaccurate or unfair have the option of disputing the charge. This is called a chargeback.

Merchant Chargeback Rights

Chargeback Rights

What are Your Chargeback Rights as a Merchant?

In a perfect world, consumers and merchants would coexist in harmony. Consumers could purchase products and services that the merchant sells, and the merchant makes a profit from each interaction.