9 Simple Strategies to Manage False & Fraudulent Chargebacks

Nate Foss of Chargebacks911® Offers Valuable Tips for the BlueSnap Blog

We’re proud to announce our latest industry partnership: now, BlueSnap customers have access to Chargebacks911's innovative dispute management technology! To help introduce BlueSnap clients to our service, VP of Partner Relations at Chargebacks911 Nate Foss recently offered some invaluable chargeback prevention tips for the BlueSnap blog.

BlueSnap is a global payments processing company that “looks at eCommerce a little differently.” The company say they are on a mission to find a better way to manage payments and conduct the customer experience.

We all know that chargebacks can be a pain. Most businesses in the eCommerce space also know chargebacks are incredibly difficult to manage. What you may not realize, though, is that chargeback are manageable…with the right strategy.

“Of course, you do have some recourse against fraudulent chargebacks,” Nate comments. “The representment process (the process through which merchants may dispute a chargeback) enables merchants to try to overturn a chargeback filed without proper justification. Even here, though, you face challenges that complicate the process.”

Nate reasons that the best way to defend against chargebacks is to prevent them before they happen. Fortunately, he has nine simple and actionable tips to help make that a reality.