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Travel Fraud Indicators

Travel Fraud Indicators

Learn the Top 3 Travel Fraud Indicators…and Where They Fall Short

The average card-not-present fraud rate in the travel industry went up 4% in 2017 compared to the previous year. That’s a startling increase,

Travel Tech

Travel Tech

Examining 4 of the Most Promising Travel Tech Tools

Advancing technologies play a role in shaping every industry, but the effect is especially pronounced in the travel tech space.
Many travel verticals have added pressures that other businesses don’t necessarily need to contend with.

Travel Fraud

Travel Fraud

OTAs Lose Billions Every Year to Travel Fraud…Here’s What to Do About It

Rapid growth and development in the OTA space has been a game-changer for the travel industry. Consumers enjoy more control over their ticketing,

Loyalty Points Fraud

Loyalty Fraud

Learn How Loyalty Points Fraud Steals From Customers & How to Stop It

Imagine you spend years saving up for the trip of a lifetime…only for a fraudster to rip the tickets to your dream vacation right out of your hand.


Monarch Airlines & Chargebacks

Why "Game-Over" for One Player Is a Game-Changer for the Industry

The travel industry was rocked by the sudden and dramatic closure of British air carrier Monarch in October 2017.
The way the event unfolded really did seem like something out of a video game—the carrier appeared to be flying high one moment,

Airline Blockchain

Airline Blockchain

4 Ways Blockchain Could Revolutionize the Travel Industry

What if there were a way for airlines to increase profits and significantly reduce operation costs, all without sacrificing the level of service delivered to customers?

Hotel Booking Chargeback

Hotel Booking Chargebacks

Reduce Hotel Booking Chargebacks with These Simple Steps

We tend to hear about retail-centric chargebacks most often, but remember: merchants operating in just about any industry can face this problem. In fact, hospitality dispute ratios are among the highest in all verticals,

Loyalty Program Fraud

Loyalty Program Fraud

How Loyalty Program Fraud Takes Travel & Entertainment for a Ride

Rewards and other perks for repeat patrons are a great way of encouraging customers to keep coming back. But these same value-added services can also cost businesses in the travel and entertainment industries millions each year through loyalty program fraud.

Airline Data Security

Airline Data Security

How Secure Is Your Personal Data When Making an Airline Reservation?

In the age of global terrorism, high-tech hackings, and ransomware attacks, can the airline industry protect your privacy? Carriers are being asked to gather more and more personal passenger information without a corresponding increase in data security measures.

Duty -Free Chargebacks

Duty-Free Shopping Chargebacks

Duty-Free Shopping May Benefit Carriers, but it May Also Cost Them

Carriers throughout the European market are currently working to catch up to their North American counterparts in terms of onboard internet access. However,