Monica Eaton-Cardone Selected for “CIO of the Year”!

Monica Selected for CIO of the Year

Chargebacks911® Executive Honored as a Finalist at Women in IT Awards New York

We’re excited to announce Chargebacks911 Co-Founder and executive Monica Eaton-Cardone has been selected as a finalist for CIO of the Year at the Women in IT Awards New York!

Billed as “the world’s largest tech diversity event,” the Women in IT Awards New York is an incredibly-prestigious ceremony. It’s also a very important award for a few different reasons.

Women currently hold fewer than one in four computing jobs. When it comes to tech executive positions, the numbers are far lower. This has significant ramifications for our tech sector and our economy as a whole, as Monica explains. “It’s important to tackle the lack of diversity in technology,” she explains. “The way to do it is through mentorship, promoting tech education, and opening a dialogue about the value of diverse perspectives in the market.”

The Women in IT Awards New York plays an important part in this effort. By acknowledging women’s achievements in tech fields, the awards go a long way to closing the gap.

“I’m incredibly honored to be a finalist for CIO of the Year,” Monica says. “It’s important that we take note of women in technology, especially in leadership roles. That is how we’ll continue the trend, and get more women into the industry.”

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