Monica Eaton: a 2023 ‘Businesswoman of the Year’ HonoreeChargebacks911® Founder Profiled in a New Feature by the Tampa Bay Business Journal

February 26, 2023 | 2 min read

Tampa Bay Business Journal

Chargebacks911 Founder Monica Eaton was nominated for the 2023 Businesswoman of the Year title by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. As part of this honor, Monica was profiled by TBBJ Digital Producer Devonta Davis to introduce her to the readership and allow her to share a little about her story and background.

Tampa Bay Business Journal is the premier business publication in the Tampa Bay region, itself one the biggest media markets in the Southeastern US. Since opening its doors in 1981, TBBJ has featured hundreds of business leaders in the community and remains one of Central Florida’s most trusted sources of business news.

“What drives me to succeed is knowing I am making a difference in how businesses worldwide operate. I know that my thoughts, ideas and innovations are making an impact, which assures me to keep trusting myself,” Monica explained when asked about what drives her to succeed. “I’m also extremely curious, so I have a huge appetite for learning. Seeing knowledge and instinct come to fruition gives me a professional satisfaction that I can’t truly describe in words.”

Monica's success has been hard-won, with valuable lessons accrued over more than two decades in business and technology. In response to one of the other questions, Monica also offered some advice to younger entrepreneurs at the beginning of their careers, suggesting that mistakes are not a problem, as long as one learns from them.

“It’s not the end of the world if something doesn’t work out; we learn what went wrong, then adjust and move on, determined to do better next time. Having this mindset fosters innovation and creative problem solving.”

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