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Account Reserve Requirements Increasing

Account Reserve Requirements Increasing

Banks Increase Merchant Account Reserve Requirements in Key Verticals. Will You be Impacted?

The financial consequences of the COVID-19 crisis continue to reverberate throughout the market, even months after the beginning of the pandemic.

too many chargebacks

Too Many Chargebacks?

How to Tell When You Have Too Many Chargebacks & What to Do About it

Having too many chargebacks is a costly problem. Each one filed means lost revenue, increased overhead, and dissatisfied customers.

Visa Fraud Monitoring Program VFMP

Visa Fraud Monitoring Program

What is the Visa Fraud Monitoring Program & How Can You Avoid It?

As the name implies, the Visa Fraud Monitoring Program (or VFMP) is an initiative administered by Visa. The program’s aim is to help merchants manage their criminal fraud risk and,

Affiliate Marketing Scams

Affiliate Marketing Scams

Identify Bad Traffic & Stop Affiliate Marketing Scams Before They Happen

We all know performance marketing tactics are a valuable and lucrative way to gain traffic…but how many of those visitors are legitimate? Are affiliate marketing scams driving bad traffic to your site,

terminated merchant file

Terminated Merchant File

What is the Terminated Merchant File? How Can It Jeopardize Your Business?

Few three-word phrases can strike fear into the hearts of merchants like “Terminated Merchant File,” or TMF.
The TMF is essentially an eCommerce blacklist;

High-Risk credit card processing

High-Risk Credit Card Processing

Processing Credit Cards for High-Risk Merchants

Being labeled “high-risk” for credit card processing sounds like a bad thing, and in many cases, it is. But the situation isn’t as clear-cut as it may seem: for some merchants in certain verticals,