Chargebacks911® Executive Interviewed by Fem Founder

Monica Eaton-Cardone Discusses Her Inspiration for Launching Chargebacks911

Monica recently sat down with Kristin Marquet of Fem Founder to share insight about what led her to launch Chargebacks911.

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Since 2011, Chargebacks911 from a small, one-person consulting gig to an international brand, employing more than 350 people across the globe. For her part, Monica suggests that a commitment to innovation and thinking differently is the key to her success.

“Innovation is the key to continued success,” Monica explains. “You have to be willing to adapt and strive for better solutions, methods, and strategies. As an entrepreneur, you must adapt to the surrounding environment and be prepared to hit the ground running when an unexpected obstacle is thrown in your way.”

You can’t simply provide more of what already exists in the market and expect to find success as an entrepreneur. Instead, you must identify an underserved need, then deliver a product that addresses that need.

“I realized…I was one of the few people who actually understood chargebacks and how to manage them, so I began offering my services as a consulting business. Merchants needed more than just advice, though; they needed an expert to actively manage their cases, and so Chargebacks911 was born.”