Chargebacks911® COO Comments on Travel Industry Chargeback Rights

Monica Eaton Cardone Discusses Chargeback Right & Responsibilities with TravelPulse

Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton Cardone weighed in on consumers’ rights and responsibilities when filing chargebacks in a new feature for TravelPulse.

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Travel providers face the prospect of ongoing chargeback problems as the COVID-19 outbreak drags on. In response, Monica suggests that it will be a worthwhile investment on the part of merchants to address these disputes.

"This is a complex, time-consuming process," Monica says. "The sheer volume of cases will compound that exponentially. Over the long run, however, it will be worth the effort, in terms of both recovered revenue and sustainability."

Monica offers advice for both merchants, as well as consumers worried about recovering funds from canceled trips. She says consumers should always contact the merchant before filing a chargeback, as merchants may have faster, more collaborative options available to help consumers. Also, while consumers have the right to file a chargeback, this right still relies on their claim’s relationship to COVID-19.