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Video Games & Chargebacks

Video Games & Chargebacks

Examining the Top 3 Video Game Industry Chargeback Sources

With roughly 2.5 billion regular players in 2017—close to one-third of the world’s population—video games may be the world’s most popular pastime. But, the fact that gaming is such a huge market is also what makes it a hot target for fraud.

Return Item Chargeback

Return Item Chargebacks

Is a Return Item Chargeback Cause for Merchant Concern?

If you’re like most merchants, the word “chargeback” carries many connotations…all of them negative.
That’s understandable; as a rule, chargebacks do nothing but cost merchants time,

Square Chargeback Rules

Square Chargeback

Understanding Square Chargeback Rules and Policies

Square, Inc. is a financial company primarily known for its mobile payment service, allowing merchants to accept debit and credit cards on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet computer.

family fraud chargebacks

Family Fraud Chargebacks

Family Fraud: Don’t Play Around with Unauthorized Purchases!

What if the buyer on the other end of a transaction isn’t a criminal, but is not necessarily an authorized user, either? That’s the issue now facing thousands of digital goods merchants,

special item order

Special Order Chargebacks

Preventing Chargebacks for Special Order Merchandise

The beauty of unique merchandise, especially things created and customized to an individual’s unique specifications, can be hampered greatly by the possibility of special order chargebacks.
If you fall into the customizable merchandise category,

card not present

Preventing Card-Not-Present Chargebacks

Best Ways to Prevent Card-Not-Present Chargebacks

While the eCommerce surge introduces great earning potential for businesses, it has also lead to problematic financial conditions.
The number of card-not-present chargebacks is increasing just as quickly as card-not-present transactions.

Sony Chargebacks

Sony Chargeback Policy

Sony and Customers Clash Over Chargeback Policy

A recent scuffle between Sony and their customers illustrates the difficult situations surrounding chargebacks and begs the question: is it possible to take chargeback prevention too far?

marketing chargebacks

Marketing Chargebacks

When Your Marketing Causes Chargebacks

Marketing is an essential element for any business's success, but an ineffective tactic can just as easily become a liability instead of an asset. It's important for businesses to understand how bad marketing causes chargebacks and revenue loss.

social media

Social Media Chargebacks

The Correlation between Social Media and Chargebacks

Social media not only shapes the way we interact with friends, it also impacts the way we do business. For this reason, business owners and marketing professionals need to be aware of how social media can help or hinder chargeback management.

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