Visual Search

Visual Search

Why Visual Search May be the Future of eCommerce

We absorb information through a variety of sensory channels, constantly using sound, scent, and touch to make sense of the world around us. Did you know,

Return Item Chargeback

Is a Return Item Chargeback Cause for Merchant Concern?

You may be surprised to learn that a return item chargeback isn’t really a chargeback at all. At least, not in the way we normally talk about them here.

Visa Chargeback Rules

How Visa Chargeback Rules Impact Merchants

Visa chargeback rules make up a framework for seeking fair and efficient resolution between merchants and Visa cardholders. These regulations govern all aspects of the chargeback process. They determine every step,

Win Rate KPIs

Is Your Win Rate Accurate? If Not, You’re Leaving Money on the Table.

Let’s say an issuer files a chargeback against you on behalf of a cardholder. You have two choices in this scenario: accept the dispute and lose the money from the sale,

Recurring Billing Chargebacks

Are Recurring Billing Chargebacks Inevitable

Recurring billing chargebacks are an inevitable side effect for businesses using a recurring transaction billing model, such as a subscription service. This model gained popularity in recent years, and with good reason: it offers considerable advantages for both consumers and merchants.

Covid-19 Travel Chargebacks

Visa Issues New Travel Industry Chargeback Guidelines for the COVID-19 Era

Few industries are feeling the pain from the COVID-19 outbreak as acutely as the travel and entertainment space. With popular destinations closed, millions of people under lockdown,

coronavirus chargebacks

Coronavirus Chargebacks

COVID-19 Pandemic Likely to Include a Surge in Chargeback Activity

Article by Monica Eaton-Cardone, COO Chargebacks911®
World leaders, health professionals, and countless ordinary people around the world are working tirelessly to curb the spread of COVID-19,

Credit Card Dispute Fraud

Your Customers Are Engaged in Credit Card Dispute Fraud Without Even Realizing It

Credit card dispute fraud. That’s what happens when an important consumer protection mechanism is twisted into a tool to commit fraud,

Visa Coronavirus Rules

Visa COVID-19 Rule Changes

Visa Offering Crisis Relief for Businesses in Key Impacted Verticals

This is a stressful time for merchants in every vertical. Despite the potential for increased online traffic, you may also be contending with a variety of new obstacles,

Chargeback Analyst

Chargeback Analyst

What is a Chargeback Analyst? How Should You Hire One?

When chargebacks happen, a professional chargeback analyst is the first line of defense. That means they must be well-versed on the latest domestic and global chargeback rules and regulations.