Blockchain Banking

Building Blocks: The ABCs of Blockchain Banking

Blockchain grew from an obscure, experimental technology to one of the hottest topics in the payments industry over the last several years. The problem is that many people are still having trouble really wrapping their minds around the concept.

paypal chargeback rules

PayPal Chargebacks

PayPal Chargebacks: Is the Seller Protection Program Enough?

PayPal is one of the world's largest internet payment companies, boasting over 203 million active accounts in 200 markets worldwide. Buyers and sellers trust Paypal because of its reputation for security and its user protection plans.But buyers who use a credit card through Paypal actually represent a doubled chargeback risk for merchants,

Loyalty Program Fraud

Loyalty Program Fraud

How Loyalty Program Fraud Takes Travel & Entertainment for a Ride

Rewards and other perks for repeat patrons are a great way of encouraging customers to keep coming back. But these same value-added services can also cost businesses in the travel and entertainment industries millions each year through loyalty program fraud.

Click Fraud

Click Fraud

Click Fraud: Understanding the Danger

PPC advertising is a legitimate, cost-effective way to drive targeted traffic to a site. It can be profitable for merchants, but it can also be tempting for scammers. The “Judy” malware discovered earlier this year,

2 Series BIN

Mastercard 2 Series Cards

Everything You Need to Know About Mastercard® 2-series BIN Cards

Mastercard announced plans to add an additional 2-series BIN range to their existing 5-series back in May 2015. The deadline for adoption is just around the corner,

net neutrality

Battle Over Net Neutrality

What Does the Net Neutrality Battle Mean for My Business?

Despite criticism from consumers, tech companies, and individual citizens, the effort to end net neutrality is rapidly advancing. The battle over net neutrality reached a fever-pitch in May 2017 after the FCC voted to end the Obama-era policy.

Fintech Trends

FinTech Trends

These 2017 FinTech Trends Will Forever Change How You Do Business

Within the next decade, FinTech will revolutionize virtually every aspect of the payments industry. While some advances are still a few years away,

Airline Data Security

Airline Data Security

How Secure Is Your Personal Data When Making an Airline Reservation?

In the age of global terrorism, high-tech hackings, and ransomware attacks, can the airline industry protect your privacy? Carriers are being asked to gather more and more personal passenger information without a corresponding increase in data security measures.

Chargeback Stats

Chargeback Stats for 2017

The Latest Chargeback Stats & Insights Revealed

Chargebacks were first introduced more than four decades ago as a consumer protection mechanism intended to build public confidence in credit cards. Since the rise of eCommerce,

Paypal for Business

PayPal & PayPal Alternatives

Is Accepting PayPal Payments an Option for Your Business?

PayPal is one of the most recognizable names in the payments industry. With more than 200 million active users around the globe and counting, PayPal has a built-in base of shoppers who trust the brand to handle their funds.