Chargebacks911 Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Protection for Merchants

How to Defend your Data from Ransomware and Other Malware Scams

The WannaCry attack launched on May 12, 2017, was described by Europol as being “at an unprecedented level” in terms of malicious software schemes.

Duty -Free Chargebacks

Duty-Free Shopping Chargebacks

Duty-Free Shopping May Benefit Carriers, but it May Also Cost Them

Carriers throughout the European market are currently working to catch up to their North American counterparts in terms of onboard internet access. However,

Fyre Festival Lessons

Lessons From the Fyre Festival

5 Lessons the Fyre Festival Can Teach About Customer Service

Thousands of guests from around the world arrived in the Bahamas in late April 2017 for Fyre Festival—a new music event promising fun, luxury,

In AppPurchaseChargebacks

In-App Purchase Chargebacks

Don’t Play Around with Unauthorized Purchases!

What if the buyer on the other end of a transaction isn’t a criminal, but is not necessarily an authorized user, either? That’s the issue now facing thousands of digital goods merchants,

Luxury Goods Fraud

Luxury Goods Fraud

How High-End Retailers Can Battle eCommerce Fraud

Big-ticket luxury items tend to attract a relatively small, yet highly-influential crowd of customers who buy based on quality and service. Unfortunately, those same items tend to attract fraudsters looking to pull a low-effort,

Is Open Data the Secret to eCommerce Fraud Detection Success?

Open Data

Is Open Data the Secret to eCommerce Fraud Detection Success?

A merchant’s revenue stream is under constant attack from criminal activity, unauthorized transactions, illegitimate chargebacks, and other threats.
Different strategies are needed to address each of these hazards,

Cross Border Risk

Minimizing Cross-Border Risk

Accepting Cross-Border Sales: Tips for Balancing Risk vs. Reward

Cross-border eCommerce is growing fast, as are the risk factors associated with such transactions. With the right tools and practices in place, though, merchants can enjoy the benefits of global expansion while still protecting themselves against loss.

Amazon Success

Lessons from Amazon’s Success

Ways Amazon Impacts Consumer Expectations & How Merchants Can Compete

There’s no use denying Amazon’s ongoing popularity in online retail. However, other merchants shouldn’t take that as discouragement—instead, they should see Amazon as pioneers,

OmniChannel Retail

A Guide to Omnichannel Retail

5 Tips for Building a High-Converting Omnichannel Strategy

The phrase “omnichannel” is no longer a marketing and retail buzzword. It’s now a basic reality of conducting business in both brick-and-mortar and online settings.

Consumer Buying Trends

Consumer Buying Behaviors

Analyzing Consumer Buying Behavior in 11 Different Verticals

Buying behaviors and consumer expectations are impacted by a wide variety of factors. Perhaps the most telling characteristic of consumer engagement is the type of merchandise the shopper is looking for.

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