Credit Card Fraud Prevention

Get the Basics on Credit Card Fraud Prevention for Businesses

With the rise of eCommerce, most consumers these days wouldn’t think twice about using a credit card to make a purchase. While that can be good news for you as a merchant,

2020 Holiday Season

What Should Retailers Expect from the Holidays This Year? How Can You be Prepared?

Retailers are in uncharted territory as we head into the 2020 holiday season.
If you’re like most retailers, there’s a good chance you’ve traditionally relied on historical data to provide some guidance in terms of what to expect and how to best serve customers.

Visa Order Insight

Everything You Need to Know About the Visa Order Insight Dispute Management Plugin

Visa Order Insight (formerly known as the Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry, or VMPI) offers merchants an incredible opportunity to stop Visa chargebacks before they’re ever submitted.

Revenue Hold

Revenue Hold? Can a Processor Really Withhold My Money?

A revenue hold is one tool that a payment processor may use to insulate themselves from the risks posed by dubious credit card transactions. All businesses must carefully balance risk in relation to profitability,

Dispute Management System

How to Choose the Right Dispute Management System for Your Business

Choosing a dispute management system for your business is a critical decision. Adopting the right tools and strategies can help you recover revenue,

Travel Industry Double Refunds

Are Travelers Abusing Chargebacks to “Double-Dip” From Your Revenue?

In an increasingly interconnected world, even minor events can cause a ripple effect. Major global market disruption will have secondary and tertiary effects that resonate through the market for months and years afterward.

Subscription Billing Model

Subscription Billing Model: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Liabilities?

Consumers and merchants don’t always see eye-to-eye on matters. One thing most will agree on, though, is the subscription billing model.
This lucrative business model is a win-win for merchants and their customers.

Security Cost-Cutting

Merchants are Cutting Costs to Save Money. That May Not be the Best Idea.

Few people would argue, at this point, that the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting how we all do business. Merchants, financial institutions,

Compelling Evidence

What Compelling Evidence Can Be Used to Challenge Chargebacks?

“Compelling evidence” is one of the key components of a winning chargeback dispute.
Let’s assume you dispute a chargeback through the representment process. You’re allowed to push back against chargebacks you feel are unjustified,

Velocity Checks

What are Velocity Checks? How Can You Make Them Part of Your Fraud Strategy?

When we talk about fraud, it’s important to remember that it’s not a singular, static problem with just one solution.