Chargeback Rate

Your Chargeback Rate: What’s Considered Normal & Why Does it Matter?

A high chargeback rate has the potential to upset your cash flow and limit your options for accepting payments. How do you calculate your chargeback rate,

RBI Recurring Transaction Rules

Reserve Bank of India Introduces Major Change to Cardholder Data Rules

In an increasingly interconnected world, changes in one national or regional economy can have effects that ripple across the entire global marketplace. That’s precisely what’s unfolding right now with new recurring transaction rules mandated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Merchant Fraud

Merchant Fraud: How Fake Businesses Hurt Real Merchants

Merchant fraud is one of the most overlooked types of fraud associated with retail. Issues like data breaches, identity theft, and account takeover may get the most press.

Credit Card Fraud Investigation

How do Banks Conduct Credit Card Fraud Investigations? Who Sets the Rules for Fraud Claims?

A credit card fraud investigation should be a collaborative process of considering facts and making a reasonable judgment on whether the cardholder or the merchant is to blame.

Return Fraud

Return Fraud: What It Is, and How Merchants Can Fight It

Return fraud occurs when customers steal from a retailer by returning items that do not qualify for a return or refund. This can be the result of an honest mistake on the part of the consumer,

Payment Fraud

What is Payment Fraud? What are the Best Strategies to Protect Your Business?

Payment fraud is the broad umbrella term for things like clean fraud or account takeover. Essentially, anytime someone who uses your payment card or account information without permission is committing payment fraud.

Merchant Error

15 Merchant Errors That Can Cause Chargebacks

Did you know that simple merchant errors represent the vast majority of preventable chargebacks?
It’s true; like most merchants, you might assume that criminal fraud is the greatest chargeback threat facing your business.

Chargeback Reduction Plan

5 Simple Steps to Build a Winning Chargeback Reduction Plan

A chargeback reduction plan, sometimes referred to as a chargeback remediation plan or a mitigation plan, typically refers to a formal document requested by a card network.

Manage Chargebacks

The Top 20 Tips Help Manage Chargebacks & Recover Revenue

There’s one basic goal if you’re looking to manage chargeback issuances: protecting your bottom line from invalid customer disputes. All merchants should be aware of the best practices that can prevent this unnecessary and avoidable threat to revenue,

Refund Fraud

What is Refund Fraud? How Can I Protect My Business Against This $27 BILLION Threat?

Revenue loss due to refunds and product returns is an unavoidable part of operating in the retail space. To add insult to injury,