chargeback accounting

Chargeback Accounting

Why Chargeback Accounting Can be a Real Bookkeeping Nightmare

Chargeback accounting can refer to how bookkeepers record any type of charged-back transaction. The term is most commonly used, though, in reference to consumer credit card chargebacks.

too many chargebacks

Too Many Chargebacks?

How to Tell When You Have Too Many Chargebacks & What to Do About it

Having too many chargebacks is a costly problem. Each one filed means lost revenue, increased overhead, and dissatisfied customers.

Pre-Compliance Chargeback

Pre-Compliance Chargeback

Visa Pre-Compliance Chargeback: What Happened to Reason Code 98?

A pre-compliance chargeback was once used to dispute chargeback issues between network members. Used in situations where an association rule had been violated, pre-compliance chargebacks were the “reason” behind Visa reason code 98.

MC Dispute Fees

Mastercard’s DAF: Dispute Administration Fee

How the DAF Means Extra Fees for European eCommerce

Mastercard’s Dispute Administration Fee, or DAF, is just one of the numerous fees involved in processing payment card transactions. Specifically, the DAF covers the services of various parties in the during the chargeback process.

coronavirus chargebacks

Coronavirus Chargebacks

COVID-19 Pandemic Likely to Include a Surge in Chargeback Activity

Article by Monica Eaton-Cardone, COO Chargebacks911®
World leaders, health professionals, and countless ordinary people around the world are working tirelessly to curb the spread of COVID-19,

Travel Industry AI

Travel Industry AI

The Ins & Outs of Artificial Intelligence in the Travel Space

Artificial intelligence is poised to be a transformative force in just about every corner of our increasingly-interconnected market. In the travel industry, for instance,

dynamic friction wheel

Dynamic Friction

Why Taking a Dynamic Approach is the Answer to Friction

Put yourself in this scenario: your customer submits a transaction that carries a fraud “red flag.” Maybe there’s a mismatch between the billing and shipping information,

Voice-Enabled Commerce

Voice-Enabled Commerce Could Be the Next Great Innovation in Digital Shopping

Today’s shoppers have a wealth of various channels through which they can reach out and initiate transactions. They might make purchases in-store, online via desktop,

looking at visa debit chargebacks

Visa Debit Chargeback

Everything You Need to Know About Visa Debit Chargebacks

A Visa debit chargeback is similar, but not identical, to a traditional credit card chargeback. Most eCommerce merchants are likely familiar with the concept of a chargeback: a customer calls the bank with a complaint,

Customer Dispute

Customer Disputes

What Are Customer Payment Disputes? Are They Ever a Good Idea?

Customer disputes offer important consumer protections for making credit and debit card transactions. Having said that, they were designed to be used as a last resort,